Instructions For Salton Yogurt Maker By Atica Brewton

Making yogurt with the Salton Yogurt Maker is fun, easy and worry-free. A few things you’ll need are milk, powdered milk for thickening, a thermometer and a yogurt starter. Be sure your yogurt maker is clean before starting. It will provide a stable temperature for incubating the yogurt. In this article you will find the best instructions for Salton Yogurt Maker.

1. Add ½ cup of dry milk powder to 1 qt of whole or skim milk.

The milk should be heated on the stove to 185-190°F, stirring frequently.

2. While you’re waiting for the milk to heat, plug in your yogurt maker so it can be warming up.

3. Let the milk cool to 110-115°F. I usually place the pot in a large bowl of ice water, stirring the milk until it’s cooled to the right temperature.

4. Pour about 1/3 of the milk into a separate clean container and add ½ cup of plain yogurt with active cultures or 1 pack of yogurt starter. Stir until mixed evenly.

5. Pour this starter mix into the remaining milk and stir.

6. Finally, pour the milk into your pre-heated yogurt maker.

7. You should allow the yogurt to incubate 6-12 hours. The longer it is heated, the more tart the taste.

8. When the batch is done, put the container in the frigerator and allow it to cool for several hours or overnight. The yogurt will thicken as it cools.

Now you have a wonderfully delicious batch of plain yogurt. If you like it flavored, add some maple syrup, honey, fruit or jam.

Homemade yogurt is a healthy alternative to store-bought brands. You have control over the ingredients and there’s no risk of eating unhealthy additives and sugars. The Salton Yogurt Maker is inexpensive and easy to use. You don’t have to part with large sums of your hard-earned money for a more expensive unit. Making homemade yogurt is exciting and I hope you find these instructions for Salton Yogurt Maker useful.

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  • 3 October 2020: US President Donald Trump tests positive for COVID-19
  • 22 August 2020: Russia’s Navalny airlifted to Germany
  • 8 July 2020: 11-month old baby finds illegal drugs in playground in British Columbia, Canadian police report
  • 5 June 2020: Face coverings to be mandatory on public transport in England from June 15, transport secretary declares
  • 29 May 2020: SARS-CoV-2 surpasses 100,000 confirmed deaths in the United States
  • 29 April 2020: SARS-CoV-2 surpasses one million confirmed infections in the United States
  • 14 April 2020: English mathematician John Horton Conway dies after contracting COVID-19
  • 8 April 2020: Bangladesh reports five new deaths due to COVID-19, a daily highest
  • 7 April 2020: US state of Wisconsin holds 2020 election amidst COVID-19 concerns
  • 5 April 2020: SARS-CoV-2 surpasses one million infections worldwide

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A six-pound infant born in San Francisco, California has six perfectly formed and functional fingers and toes on his hands and feet, so that it isn’t considered a disability or deformity, say doctors at Saint Luke’s Hospital who were amazed by the oddity.

In a medical rarity, super baby Kamani Hubbard was born two weeks ago with 24 working digits. He is healthy and home with his parents in Daly City, California. Polydactyly, a congenital disorder is not uncommon in humans and animals, including cats, but to happen on both hands and feet is a rare hereditary condition.

“Nurses and doctors, looked so normal they couldn’t tell, they told me he was six pounds in good health, that was all they said,” said Miryoki Gross, Hubbard’s mother. Her baby’s specialness didn’t even show up on prenatal ultrasounds. “I heard nothing before I gave birth so I’m still in shock, kinda,” Gross added. Despite the mother’s shock, Kamani’s father, Kris, was the first to notice the condition.

Polydactyly (from Ancient Greek means ‘?????’ (polus) or “many” + ‘????????’ (daktulos) “finger[s]”), also known as polydactylism, sexdactyly, hexadactyly, or hexadactylism, is a congenital physical disorder consisting of supernumerary fingers or toes.

In Kamani’s case, however, all of the digits are perfectly formed and function or work normally. “I was in amazement, it took a little time for me to take it all in,” said Kris, a postal worker, who has a family history of polydactylism, but none of his relatives can remember it happening on both hands and feet.

Mostly, cases of polydactyly are surgically corrected. Kris himself had nubs of sixth digits, which were removed during his early childhood, for having been non-functional. “My son has six fingers then I saw toes, and I thought, this is quite unique. Some family members have had six fingers, not completely developed. But not the toes,” Kris noted.

“I would be tempted to leave those fingers in place. I realize children would tease each other over the slightest things, and having extra digits on each hand is more than slight. But imagine what sort of a pianist a 12-fingered person would be imagine what sort of a flamenco guitarist, if nothing else think of their typing skills,” Dr. Treece remarked.

“I just want him to see what greatness will be in store for him,” said Kris.

Fully developed and functional extra digits on both hands and feet are considered very rare as a genetic trait in medical history, amid some partial development of an extra digit occurs about twice in every 1,000 white male births. Ordinarily, polydactylism appears as an extra piece of non-functional tissue, typically occurring as an extra finger, sometimes with a bone, but no joint.

“It’s merely an interesting and beautiful variation rather than a worrisome thing,” said Dr. Michael Treece, a St. Luke’s Hospital pediatrician, and the OBGYN who delivered Kamani. He has postaxial polydactyly, which is 10 times more likely to occur in black children, and also more likely to appear in boys.

Goliath, a figure in Old Testament, was depicted as having had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.

Blues guitarist Hound Dog Taylor, Get Carter, Little Tich, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and several other figures in history have had polydactyly. Sid Wilson, a turntablist of Slipknot, had been born with an extra finger and toe on his hands and feet which were removed shortly after his birth as doctors considered them to be dead.

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Superior Performance and Low Cost Per GB Offered by Quantum s Cutting-Edge Backup Solutions



Fast data access is essential to succeed in today s internet driven marketplace. Intense competition has forced businesses to maximize their overall efficiency and safeguard their mission critical systems. There is a high probability of loss in productivity and revenue if you can t retrieve your business data in-time. The reason could be viruses or software malfunctions. For smooth business continuity, data must be backed up. It provides complete peace of mind and businesses can excel without any headaches.

Millions of small to large companies look to Quantum for smart and economical backup solutions. Quantum s vast experience and superior product quality maximize your backup media investments. Quantum is the largest manufacturer of world s leading backup technologies. We will be discussing a few of the backup solutions.

For SMBs (small and medium businesses), IT managers can count on the Quantum s best selling DDS solution. It is the leading tape system designed for low cost per GB, greater compatibility and trouble-free scalability. Its multiple generations work excellently in demanding and complex IT infrastructures. The DDS drives feature the leading host interfaces and are equipped with durable write/read heads and advanced data security technologies. Part numbers of the Quantum DDS generations are CDM24 (DDS-3), CDM40 (DDS-4), CDM72 (DDS-5) and MR-D6MQN-01 (DDS6).

YouTube Preview Image

DAT-320 is the latest DDS generation. It is well suited for advanced enterprise applications and data-rich businesses. Its 160/320 GB storage capacity is ideal for today s midrange companies.

Quantum has also engineered a world-class disk storage system, which also provides the benefit of tape format. This breakthrough format is RDX; it also features multiple capacity disks that can accommodate heavy data volumes up to 1 terabyte. Minimum capacity RDX disk is 160 GB. USB and SATA interfaces have been introduced in RDX docking stations, which allow pain-free installation in a wider array of midrange systems. Data can be easily recorded and extracted by simple copy/paste or drag-and-drop functionality. In addition to the external/internal configurations and random access, you can quickly backup heavy data at 45MB/second.

And now we will be discussing the most successful LTO (Linear Tape Open) format. Quantum, also the member of LTO consortium, offers state-of-the-art and high performance LTO devices for data intensive companies. LTO1 tape up to the 3rd generation LTO3 is perfect for medium-sized & small businesses. LTO5 and LTO4 formats are widely used in large data centers. These LTO ultrium generations delivers the best data security, space efficiency and protect the customers investments. Additional expense on system up-gradation can be saved as the tapes can operate with the next generation drives.

Moreover, the LTO drives also have the unique capability to support other media tape brands as well. Encryption mechanism is a compelling feature that encodes with a smart 256-bit algorithm. This built-in functionality is a smart replacement for the costly security software. LTO5 and LTO4, both feature this robust security feature. Quantum LTO tapes retain data for longer time duration (30 years) and deliver uninterrupted performance. They can be used in automated libraries and stored at remote sites. Quantum products withstand the burden of heavy workloads and maximize the storage performance.

Frank Miller is the Marketing Manager of Backuptape and markets

long term


. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.Frank Miller3984 Washington Blvd #503 Fremont CA 94538Tel: 888-686-8273Fax: 888-449-5050Email:

Article Source:

Thursday, February 24, 2005

A paste containing synthetic tooth enamel can seal small cavities without drilling. Kazue Yamagishi and colleagues at the FAP Dental Institute in Tokyo say that the paste can repair small cavities in 15 minutes.

Currently, fillers don’t stick to such small cavities so dentists must drill bigger holes. Hydroxyapatite crystals, of which natural enamel is made, bond with teeth to repair tiny areas of damage.

Yamagishi and colleagues have tested their paste on a lower premolar tooth that showed early signs of decay. They found that the synthetic enamel merged with the natural enamel. The synthetic enamel also appears to make teeth stronger which will improve resistance to future decay. As with drilling, however, there is still the potential for pain: The paste is strongly acidic to encourage crystal growth and causes inflammation if it touches the gums.

The paste is reported in the journal Nature.

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  • 8 April 2014: Scottish artist Alan Davie dies at age 93
  • 19 March 2014: Texas police name ‘person of interest’ in DeBerry woman’s disappearance
  • 25 July 2012: Wikinews interviews Great Britain men’s national wheelchair basketball player Joni Pollock
  • 21 June 2011: Jackass star Ryan Dunn dies in car accident aged 34
  • 7 October 2008: Tattoo with identifying details leads to prosecution of thief in Bristol, UK
  • 24 July 2008: Amy Winehouse wax model unveiled
  • 9 January 2008: Von D from “LA Ink” TV series sets world record for tattooing
  • 12 October 2007: Augusten Burroughs on addiction, writing, his family and his new book
  • 23 May 2007: Reports say body of missing US soldier found in Iraq
  • 27 January 2007: Aussies ignore flag ban at Big Day Out festival

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Comply or Die, the racehorse who won the 2008 Grand National has died at the age of 17. His death was announced by his former trainer, David Pipe. He died over at the weekend in Gloucestershire, where he had been staying with jockey Timmy Murphy. He was cremated on Monday and his ashes will return to Murphy.

Murphy was the jockey in the saddle when Comply or Die won the 2008 Grand National. Speaking to the Press Association, he spoke about the horse’s death. He said, “He was part of the furniture at home so it’s very sad. He gave me the greatest day of my career, obviously that can never be taken away. He paraded at Cheltenham and Aintree and was getting ready to do some dressage in the summer. I’m not actually sure how he died, to be honest, but it wasn’t nice to come home to. He was cremated on Monday. He was a happy horse and he was also very clever.”

During his racing career he made £798,809 in prize-money after winning a total of eight races.

The 2008 Grand National victory was his greatest achievement and he almost matched it when he came second place in 2009. He retired in 2011 but remained active, often being paraded at race grounds such as Aintree and Cheltenham. He also participated in some hunting activities. Pipe said, “Since his retirement he had been a lead-horse at Timmy Murphy’s establishment before trying his hand at dressage, a discipline in which he had proven very successful”.

Tributes have been paid to Comply or Die on social media by horse racing fans with several tweeting their appreciation and memories.

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By Cecile Peterkin

Coaching clients in senior roles is often necessary because they lack self confidence. As a result, they are not seen as leaders. Instead, they all seem to have one quality in common. They all have a fear of making the necessary decision required of their position. Self perception affects everyone in both their personal and professional lives. However, for individuals in positions of authority, it’s important to understand how self confidence impacts your leadership.

Why Self Confidence is Vital in Leadership

People tend to gravitate toward those that possess self confidence. If the supervisor is confident in his/her decisions, the subordinates are more likely to concur. Without this attribute, the internal structure of any business will degrade, as employees start to second-guess the management. It can lead to strife in the workplace and the loss of valuable human assets.

An individual with self confidence does not know all the answers or “lords it over” employees. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Self-confident leaders build up others and find satisfaction in their workers’ personal and professional growth. Their strength is in helping others become successful. A person with self confidence is:

* Able to admit mistakes and learn from them.

YouTube Preview Image

* Able to take risks to achieve more.

* Able to do what is right, despite the lack of popular opinion.

* Able to accept compliments graciously.

* Unwilling to seek out personal accolades.

Self confident leaders are a pleasure to work for, because they are more interested in developing a cohesive and well-ordered work environment. The employees work well together, stress is minimized, and employees are encouraged to excel and use their strengths to improve productivity and achieve their career goals.

How to Build Self Confidence

Although there is no magic pill for building self confidence and it doesn’t happen overnight, you can achieve this personal and professional goal, if you make the effort. It will not be easy. You will basically have to change the way you think and develop a new personal perspective.

Begin by acknowledging your achievements. Instead of dwelling on your mistakes, think about all that you have accomplished over the years both personally and professionally. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a mental pat on the back. Recognize the effort and hard work it took to get you where you are today.

Next, consider your strengths. Where do you excel both personally and professionally? Everyone has areas in which they need to improve. But, you don’t dwell on your weaknesses. You concentrate on when you are at your best.

Think about your goals. What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to go in your personal life or in the workplace? Consider what you need to do, in order to get there.

Now, it’s time for the really hard part. In order to build self confidence, you must learn to manage your mind. Do not dwell on the negative self-talk. It’s time to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. Catch yourself, when you start to dwell on your weaknesses. Stop. Then, go back and think about your accomplishments, your strengths, and how you are going to achieve your personal and professional goals. With practice, you will build the self confidence necessary to excel in leadership within the workplace.

Copyright, Cecile Peterkin. All rights reserved.

About the Author: Cecile Peterkin is a Certified Career, Life Coach and Speaker. Feeling stuck in middle management or mid career? Claim your FR-EE Assessment and complimentary career guidance coaching session at:


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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Journalist, counselor, painter, and US 2012 Presidential candidate Joe Schriner of Cleveland, Ohio took some time to discuss his campaign with Wikinews in an interview.

Schriner previously ran for president in 2000, 2004, and 2008, but failed to gain much traction in the races. He announced his candidacy for the 2012 race immediately following the 2008 election. Schriner refers to himself as the “Average Joe” candidate, and advocates a pro-life and pro-environmentalist platform. He has been the subject of numerous newspaper articles, and has published public policy papers exploring solutions to American issues.

Wikinews reporter William Saturn? talks with Schriner and discusses his campaign.

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