Eliminate Credit Card Debt 3 Easy Steps To Becoming Debt Free


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By Carrie Reeder

There is no way to miraculously becoming debt free. Excessive debts incur over time. Hence, patience and effort is needed in order to reduce, and ultimately eliminate credit card debts. The average household has a credit card debt around $8,000. Unfortunately, there are individuals carrying much higher balances. Due to high finance fees, credit card companies make it impossible to payoff the debt. However, alleviating debt is doable. Here are a few tips to help you become debt free sooner.

Use Cash for All Purchases

Several people will make claims of wanting to become debt free. However, these same individuals continue to use their credit cards for frivolous purchases. Today, we have our wants and needs confused. In order to fulfill a want, people regularly go on shopping sprees, vacations, and eat out using their credit cards.

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The first step to eliminating credit card debt is to stop using the cards. Do not cancel credit accounts. Instead, cut the cards in half or store them in a place where they are not easily accessible. Breaking the habit of regularly using a credit card is difficult. However, once cash is being used for all purchases, you will notice a balance reduction.

Get a Personal Debt Consolidation Loan

Debt consolidation loans have their pros and cons. For starters, these loans are great because they allow debt consolidation at a low interest rate with fixed terms. Instead of paying a credit card with an interest rate of 20 percent, you can obtain a personal loan with a rate of 8 or 9 percent. This option affords the opportunity to become debt free in five years, as opposed to twenty or thirty years.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to debt consolidation loans. Some people with terrible spending habits may accumulate more debts once their credit cards are paid off. The purpose of debt consolidation loans is not to create space for new debts. When this occurs, many people become financially strapped because they have doubled their debts.

Transfer Balance to a Zero Percent Credit Card

One method for quickly paying off credit card debt involves transferring the balance from a high interest credit card to a zero percent interest card. With a high interest rate card, the minimum payments barely cover the finance charges. Thus, the balance never decreases. Zero percent interest cards offer an interest-free period. Therefore, all payments will to toward reducing the principle balance.

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Credit Card Usage On The Internet On Secure Sites


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Submitted by: Mario Churchill

A lot of people around the world today use credit cards for almost everything. From going to the grocery store to buying tickets for a sports event that they want to see.

Unfortunately, people are also using their credit cards more on the Internet, although this is not a bad thing and people do it all the time, there is a problem that some people do not look at.

The most important thing you can possibly do when using your credit card on the Internet is making sure the web site is secure so that the information you give off of your credit card cannot be stolen or copied by any third party. If you are not sure about a web site and the fact of it being secure or not; it is recommended that you don t use the web site.

Identity theft is on the rise and the use of credit cards on web sites that are not secure is one way that others can get your personal information.

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In fact, this problem has gotten so out of hand that web sites that offer the purchase of items let you know now whether the site is secure or not, so people have some kind of peace of mind when ordering a product off of the Internet. Web sites are taking extra measures to protect the information of the person who is using the credit card and often times when it reads the information back to you only the last four digits of your credit card is actually seen. This is one way the web sites are starting to protect you. Another is the way your name might be listed, sometimes the first name is last on the form which can sometimes confuse someone who is actually trying to obtain your information from the usage of your credit card.

Credit card companies are even offering some assistance in the event that your information is stolen, they can eventually reach the source and recover the individual that has been using your credit card information. Therefore some credit card companies will reimburse you for these purchases although some credit card companies will not.

The best thing you can do is make absolutely sure that the site you are using for your purchases is a secure site definitely.

Also by adding encryption the Internet is making a difference for consumers using credit cards on the Internet to purchase items on various web sites. This helps a great deal. For as it is widely known, more people use credit cards for purchases than anything else today.

Whether it is on the Internet or in other various department stores the security on credit cards and credit card holders is getting more complicated for the purpose of protecting the information on the individual that holds the credit card. This way no problems are encountered and issues that could have become a problem are resolved very easily.

Those who do have credit cards in some cases use them very rarely, simply for the reason that they are afraid that their information is at risk. It in this situation, they usually use the credit cards for emergency uses only.

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Land For Sale In Alabama Purchase Agreement And Contracts


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By Chuck Magee

If you are looking to purchase land for sale in Alabama there are a few things you will need to know about contracts and purchase agreements. When buying land for sale in Alabama, after you have found that perfect land tract or rural home you will want to secure your position as buyer of the property.

It is very important that you know what you are doing in contract negotiations if you are not using a licensed Realtor. Many people don’t want to use a Realtor due to the commission, if a contract goes bad and you did not understand some of the language or maybe you just have not ever heard of a particular situation before that 6 % commission could look really cheep.

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In the looking phase of Alabama land buying you also need to be doing your homework on the closing of the land transaction, this means a contract for sale and purchase, closing attorney, deposit, sales price negotiations, and title company, all these things will be needed and can cause or save many headaches. When you chose a contract for sale and purchase Alabama has many requirements other states do not, keep in mind roll back taxes, in my opinion a very unfair system but that’s a discussion for another day, your contract should take care of every possible situation. If you are trying this process on your own at least get some help on the contract and a good place is from a title company, you must employ a title or abstract company to get the closing started anyway. Many title companies are owned by law firms or individual attorney’s and will have their preferred closing contract and can explain it to you.

I will outline a couple things you need to keep in mind to include and study before you sign a contract, remember once you sign a contract it could be as I always heard (Katie Bar the Door) or your screwed. I have signed a few contracts in my day and let little things slip by usually being careless and the seller was unethical or just a down right a mean person and they exploited what I forgot to put in. One of many things you want to be clear on is the time frame of the closing, make sure you have financing lined up or predicate the contract on being able to secure financing, this means get a loan from a bank. In the past having a contract for land for sale in Alabama I would not predicate the contract on anything, title, financing, inspection and this would help negotiate a lower price for me but I have bought and sold hundreds of properties in my day I suggest you predicate your contract if you do not have a lot of buying experience on anything and everything that does not make the seller balk when reading.

In buying land for sale in Alabama you must be cautious of signing documents but in particular one as important as a buy sell agreement or sometimes called contract of the sale and purchase of Real Estate, this process if done wrong can cause years of misery and financial ruin if done in haste or by inexperience.

About the Author: In 2000 Chuck and his wife Lindey developed a website called Mississippi-Landsource.com. The website was launched for uniting the real estate market in Land For Sale In Mississippi. In 2009 more sites were launched as sister sites for other states like Land For Sale In Louisiana and Land For Sale In Alabama.

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