Five Most Treasured 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas


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By Douglas R. Williams

Surprise your wife or husband with a ruby-themed present; give something sentimental; create a home-made gift; develop a compilation of greetings, photos and videos; or have something personalized for your spouse. Here are some of the most special and most appealing gift items you can give to your spouse on your fortieth wedding anniversary.

Wedding anniversaries are very special occasions in your life. They signify years of loyalty, happiness, and loyalty together with years of shared struggles through the difficulties in married life. In order to make this years wedding anniversary more special, here are a few of the most cherished 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas you can consider:

Surprise your spouse with a ruby-themed gift

The ruby wedding anniversary marks forty years of marital relationship. You can delight your spouse with something ruby-themed. You could give your wife a set of ruby earrings, a ruby pendant, or an entire set of ruby jewelry. If it is for your husband, you could amaze him with ruby accessories, a ruby ring, cuff links, and a money clip. In order to complete your gift, cover it in a ruby-colored paper or bag and ribbon.

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Provide something emotional

When you are in your 60s, you become more expressive with regards to celebrations of love and life. Touch the heart of your spouse by giving something sentimental. You could give a charcoal painting of your favorite wedding portrait or maybe a ruby picture frame with your family picture in it. You can even get a double picture frame and put your wedding day picture on one side and also a favorite poem song, or quote on the other.

Develop a home-made gift

Another interesting and truly touching gift item you can give your husband or wife on your 40th wedding anniversary is a home-made gift. You could write a heartfelt poem especially for your spouse and set it in a ruby-colored frame. A homemade scrapbook containing memories might also be wonderful. You can put terrific photographs starting when you were still in your youth from the child years through the days you found one another. Proceed with some wedding event pictures as well as other significant photographs throughout the years, favorite psalms, poem, quotes, and even love letters and greeting cards you exchanged with each other.

Produce a compilation of pics, videos, and greetings

Make your fortieth anniversary more memorable by giving your spouse a collection of pictures, greetings and videos. Get up to date by purchasing an electronic digital photograph frame and prepare a set of photographs from the past to the current. You can even place the photography data files onto a CD compilation together with some remarkable family video clips. You can also include a documented personal greeting on your CD gift, and also greetings from close friends and family members.

Have something customized for your husband or wife

Any gift item that is carefully chosen and personalized is often treasured. Give your sweetheart a personalised gift on your fortieth wedding anniversary. Opt for something which he or she loves. For instance, if your husband likes collecting coins, you could have a coin personalized for him by a money or coin maker. You may include a caption on it which reminds him that this specific special coin was given on your 40th anniversary. For your wife, as another example, you can personalize a cooking set and an kitchen apron for her if she enjoys cooking food.

Other meaningful gift ideas for 40th wedding anniversaries include a CD compilation of music you both love, a funny cartoon photo sketch from a recent picture, and a cruise vacation.

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