Pregnancy Harmony Ball Necklace: Resonating Gifts For Expectant Mothers}


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Pregnancy Harmony Ball Necklace: Resonating Gifts for Expectant Mothers


William John

It is the most powerful creation to have life growing inside of you. There is no bigger gift. Beyonce

Apt words put by the American singer. All mommies experience this wonderful gift growing inside them. Its an inexplicable, irreplaceable and inevitable feeling for expecting women. This spiritual and emotional communication link is unbreakable. But communication with the developing child is very limited and protection, the main concern. Bringing peace, joy and a big smile to mommys to be, the pregnancy harmony ball necklace manifests as a charm. The soft chiming sounds become a private language between the mother and the baby.

With its subtle sounds, the silver talisman offers calming effects to both the wearer and the baby. While women usually choose the long chain that hangs over the belly, men choose the short chain, which they shake as they get close to the child.

Once the child is born, some parents choose to hang the angel caller from the crib while others prefer to wear it at all times. The subtle chimes remind the child of the safety and comfort of the womb, assuring protection and needs met.

This impeccable tradition has been around for millennia and continues to grow in following, making it today a resounding gift for both men and women and one in a short list of perfect gifts for married couples, particularly for special occasions, such as an anniversary.

A credit to its shamanic properties, this talisman is not only a perfect maternity jewelry piece that offers soothing effects to both the mom-to-be and child, but its spiritual properties reinforce a bond, be it mother-child or that of a couples. This enlightening piece generates higher awareness, speaking to the subconscious even when consciously ignored. Reawakening the human spirit, joining actions and emotions for an integrated personality and stimulating optimism through its high vibrations, the angel caller, reminiscent of church and temple bells, was created as a tool to synchronize the mind, body and spirit for great health and positive manifestations.

Gifts for mothers and couples

If you are looking for such a divine piece of jewelry, then look no further than the Angel Caller, a

Handcrafted Italian sterling silver

pendant with a brass musical mechanism inside, offering subtle chiming sounds. Women can wear it all the time till their delivery and pass it on to their child as a reminder-gift. Given its unisex design, the necklace looks spectacular on both men and women, making it a spectacular gifting option.

Made in Italy, this modern interpretation carries the designers name, bearing a stamp of .925 sterling silver and its country of origin. Both versions of long, thin bead chain and short think bead chain are way too popular on the internet, hogging limelight due to its consummate polished silver finish, pleasing outlook and impeccable presentation. Each piece comes in a black square jewelry box with the white logo icon, packed inside a black gift box, closed with a black satin bow and watched over by a branded black and white origami butterfly.

An Angel Caller creates a divine first impression that inspires love, reinforces a bond and connects us to our spiritual side. This magic talisman is a unique gift to mothers during their baby showers and couples on their anniversaries.

William John has written numerous articles about men and women jewelry. Writing about spiritual jewelry for mothers, he emphasizes why the pregnancy harmony ball necklace has been so popular in baby shower occasions. Notably, the exemplary pieces of handcrafted Italian sterling silver have also been the choicest

gifts for married couples


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