Several Creative And Also Useful Stuff You Can Make From Recycled Plastic Bottles

By Douglas R. Williams

Plastic bottles could be reused in many useful and creative strategies to help conserve our mother earth. You could turn empty plastic bottles into holders for office and study desk items, make an attractive flower vase, use empty bottles to build goblets for the children, create a votive candle case, create a pot for your backyard garden, and develop a water jar for your pet.

Once you recycle plastic bottles, you will not only help conserve the planet, but you will also love using the end item. Kids and adults as well will truly like turning used plastic bottles into something really functional and creative. Here are a few valuable stuff you could make from recycled plastic bottles:

Turn empty plastic bottles into cases for business office and study desk items

The first project you can make is exciting and useful for adults as well as children as well. By cutting off the top portion of plastic containers using scissors, you have already made pen holders, as well as cases for paper clips and other business office and school items. Larger plastic containers can also produce fantastic floppy disk holders. Just be sure you choose the desired height to include your items.

Create an ornamental flower vase


With an empty plastic bottle and certain creativeness, you can even create an attractive flower vase. You may need a set of two sharp scissors, glue, a piece of paper, and some colouring supplies. First, slice the top of the container using your scissors. On your piece of paper, sketch and colour or paint whatever design and style you want your flower vase to have. Be sure that the size of the paper matches the size of the flower vase you’ve cut. Then you can connect your piece of paper around the vase for a truly unique design. Additionally, you can provide your flower vase an innovative look by painting right onto the surface of the plastic bottle. Add some flowers, and there you are, you have something fresh and new to decorate your living area or to provide your mom even without any celebration.

Use empty bottles to produce goblets for children

One more exciting and authentic project youngsters will love is building goblets from reused plastic bottles. You can use these goblets as sweets holders or marble holders. Be sure you wash and dry your empty plastic bottle properly before you make your goblet. To begin, take away the cap, and also the label from the utilised bottle. After that, create the bottom part of your goblet by cutting off the bottom of the container utilizing a sharp pair of scissors. Slice the excess from the bottom part to make a clean bottom. Turn the other piece of the bottle upside down so the mouth of the plastic bottle shall now serve as the neck of your goblet and the other end as the mouth. Keep the mouth of your goblet clean and classy by shaping it carefully. Once done, you could connect the neck of your goblet to its bottom utilizing a powerful glue. Allow it to dry completely and then put your treats on it.

Create a votive candle holder

You could also turn your empty plastic bottle into a votive candle case perfect for your toilet or powder room. In addition to a plastic container, you’ll need a votive candle, a few sand or sleek stones, and craft materials. With the scissors, cut the top of your plastic container and throw out or reuse it separately. If you’re planning to build several candle cases, you can vary the dimensions and levels to develop a more classy display. Then, fill up your dish with sand or smooth stones. Get those votive candlestick and nestle it tightly in the sand or stones. Finally, utilize your craft materials to complete your votive candle case. You may color it or glue ribbons, lace, as well as other ornamental pieces to it, but be sure not to add too much.

Craft a pot for your back garden

Big plastic bottles can also be recycled as planting pots for your back garden. In the same manner you would for building a container or candle holder, just cut the top off your plastic container utilizing sharp scissors and fill the bottom of the bottle with garden soil. It’s very simple yet really functional and helpful for the planet. If you want adding a little spice to your recycling project, paint or beautify your pot by using back garden designs.

Develop a water container for your pet

Finally, you can also reuse empty plastic containers as water containers for your domestic pets. Remove the label of your plastic bottle and clean the bottle carefully. Again, all that you should do is cut off the top portion of your plastic container, carefully trim the sides so they are smooth, and then your dog or cat gets a new water bottle.

With these recycling ideas, you don’t have to be worried about disposing of the raising number of used plastic bottles you have. You can even come up with your own plastic bottle recycling ideas depending on your home needs and your creativity.

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