The Truth About Mass Directory Submission For Your Website


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Submitted by: Matthew Bass

Business owners beware! That constant barrage of email and other forms of advertising pushing directory submission services is a waste of money. You know the ones, they tell you that they’ll submit your sites to hundreds of Internet directories for $29.95 (or other various prices). I’m sure most of them do what they say, and do in fact submit your site to all of those directories, but the simple truth is that the service they’re offering isn’t worth the price they’re charging.

Here’s why. When was the last time that you used an Internet directory to search for what you’re looking for instead of a search engine? You use search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing right?

So, should you do directory submission for your site? Absolutely, but not to the thousands of useless directories that have ravaged the Internet in recent years. Directories are a dime-a-dozen these days and the vast majority of them aren’t worth your time and won’t provide much value in your website search engine ranking. Some of the directories that I recommend that every valid business needs to be in are ones like, DMOZ, Best of the Web, etc.

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Your reason for submitting these is two-fold: First, someone browsing those directories may see your site and contact you. Secondly, those sites are trusted by the search engines and a little link juice will be passed on to your site as a result of being listed in those prominent directories. Good links pointing to your site means better search engine rankings, more visitors to your website and more sales, leads, etc. if you’ve built your website correctly.

There are a host of other directories and social media sites that would be beneficial based on your particular business. Which directories related to your profession are prominent? One simple way to find professional directories is to search in Google for “your profession” + professional directory. Get creative with your searching and you’ll be sure to find some great directories.

Also, check into the professional associations that you’re already a member of to see if they have member profiles that allow a link to your website. One that should come to mind for everyone immediately is your local chamber of commerce membership. Make the most out of your profile in these organizations.

Here’s an alternative if you’re not weary about mass directory submission yet, and still have $29.95 burning a hole in your pocket. Spend it on something besides mass directory submissions. For example, you could get a decent writer to write an article for you about a product or service that your business sells. Make sure the article adds something of value to your potential customers if they take the time to read it. Take that article and post it on your website. Use it to begin building your reputation in your industry that you are in fact the go-to person for that product or service. Send a link to all of your prospects and customers – share the valuable information with them. Modify it slightly and use it as a press release (with a link back to your website).

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Guest House North Devon Will Bring You Close To Nature}


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Guest house North Devon will bring you close to nature


Brian MillerWhen you plan any vacation, budgeting is the most important factor. You will surely consider the cost for hotel bookings, local travel, shopping and having food in popular restaurants. But you will mostly tend to ignore the expenses for daily breakfast. It is beneficial if the breakfast is included in the room tariff. So bed and breakfast North Devon is very economical in the long run. Most of the guest house North Devon provides breakfast to all their customers. So you don’t have to start worrying the first thing in the morning that is to find out a decent place to have breakfast. You might have stayed in many hotels; they all have a similar formal feel. But guest house North Devon like most others has a unique appeal. They are generally situated in old buildings which were once residences, so it is always exciting to be living in such structures. When you visit North Devon and Exmoor, the National Park and the beaches are must be visited. It is very easy for you when the bed and breakfast North Devon is just a little distance away. Not only the major places of interest but the heart of the town is within walking distance. So you can simply walk down and enjoy the true feel of the place. Guest house North Devon allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the place to the utmost. The guest house is located in the rural areas of Exmoor which has abundance of natural wealth. Those who are inclined to a beach holiday will find bed and breakfast North Devon very convenient. You can access the well-known sea beaches quickly and thus save a huge amount of time and money in travelling. Many people are adventurous and love to embark on hikes, walking tours or cycling trips. North Devon has ample of such trails which you can enjoy. Guest house North Devon is a very friendly and amiable place with owners who are ready to provide you with additional information on the surrounding areas. They will guide you regarding other lesser known interesting places which you might like to visit. They are ready to attend to all your requirements which might arise during the duration of your stay. Hence you are always comfortable in bed and breakfast North Devon. Personal attention is paid towards cleanliness and each and every room is clean hygienically. The decor of the rooms is tastefully done with comfortable furniture. In bed and breakfast North Devon a lot of attention is paid towards the food provided to their guests. There is a conventional English breakfast spread of cereals, proteins and regular hot or cold beverages. In case you wish to experience local food, you can try kippers. Vegetarians have no problem, as pure vegetarian food is served once you inform them in advance. In guest house North Devon every minute problem will be attended like safe keeping of your hiking gear and bicycles. So you can only enjoy the great surroundings of North Devon and Exmoor. The hospitality of the guest house will make you leave with fond memories.


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How To Book A Cheap New York City Holidays


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How To Book A Cheap New York City Holidays


Terrance Richardson

New York City is a multi-cultural experience like on where else on earth, making it the number one destination for diversity and style. Eclectic dining, world-class shopping and some of the most recognizable landmarks in the country draw millions of seasoned travellers every year for a North America holidays fit for a king. But what about the cost? Not to worry when you do your homework and opt for an all inclusive New York City holidays package priced just right and within easy reach.

New York City accommodations range from the ultimate in luxury to the small and intimate boutique hotel settings. In a city designed for pleasure and excitement, there’s no wrong place to hang your hat with hotels as wide and diverse as the New Yorkers themselves. Whether you opt for the elegance of Upper Manhattan, the convenient Midtown district, or find your niche in the artistic colonies of Lower Manhattan, New York sights and sounds abound with easy access to the best attractions on the island. From the tranquil grounds at Central Park to the moving homage paid to Ground Zero, Manhattan is a piece of cake to navigate with boots on the ground and subway token in hand.

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The public transportation system gets a gold star for fast and efficient service throughout the isle of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. Low cost subways, trains and city buses get you where you’re going on time with lightning-fast underground locomotion to the all the major tourist attractions, shopping, dining and even Coney Island. To make the deal even sweeter, try a New York City Metro pass for a special cut rate on daily and weekly fares. The Metro card is available at select hotels or you may pick one up from the subway vending machines on your way to somewhere nice.

All inclusive New York City deals cover the cost of international airfare and your choice of accommodation at the price you want to pay. Entrance admissions and dining is under control with a self-styled New York City holiday custom made to meet and exceed most budgets. Although the Big Apple is the wealthiest city in America, this town is tourist-friendly and ready to dazzle its welcomed guests in any price range. With so much to see and do, your unique holiday plans are easily accommodated and can stretch your travel budget to do New York all over again.

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