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Come payday and everybody is truly happy, a few days into the month and when the cash situation starts getting a little tight we tend to look forward to the next payday. After receiving the pay, the routine is to first settle all the bills. After this customary practice is completed the amount remaining is the actual disposable income which may be insufficient in case of a contingency. A Payday loan would be ideal in such a situation.

It is a loan against your salary. This loan would help you take care of your cash needs until payday arrives. This facility is offered by many lending agencies today without much hassle and paperwork. You can contact any such agency or their representative and get the advance procedure going. The form can even be completed online and when all the necessary formalities are completed the money is directly credited into your bank account. This may be done on the very same day or the next working day.

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The amount one can get as a payday loan would depend on various factors such as your nature of job, current salary and a few other criteria which the lender may find necessary. This loan definitely comes at a price but it would be all worth it as you are receiving the money at a time when you need it most and repayment does not begin till you receive your next salary. If you still find it difficult to pay in full on your payday there is nothing to fret. Just let your lending agency, know the fact about when you would be able to repay the loan they would do the necessary to extend your loan period.

There are websites which will help you find reputed lenders who would be able to give you the cash advance. They can help you find one that would cater to your needs to the fullest. A payday loans is probably the best option in case of an emergency. A payday loan is generally used to meet an urgent situation and should not be used as a regular advance option. The repayment rate would be higher than that of a regular loan as it is to meet a crisis and is taken for a short duration. Therefore the loan should be taken only if absolutely essential and should be repaid at the earliest as delay in repayment may cost you a large sum of money by way of interest. The lending rates would differ from one lending agency to another and they may even give a discount to customers who are prompt in repayment.

Having a bad credit record should not prevent you from applying for the loan in case of an emergency. A bad credit will not be a criterion for rejecting the loan application. Lending agencies do not check such matters but you should be sure that you can make a repayment at the earliest, then a payday loan would be the best option to meet your immediate requirement.

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Still On K4 Version 5.X? Dpci Lists The Reasons Why You Should Take A Look At K4 Version 6.X}


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Still on K4 Version 5.X? DPCI Lists the Reasons Why You Should Take a Look at K4 Version 6.X


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Ivan Mironchuk

It may be a testament to the rock-solid nature of the K4 version 5 platform that many publishers have opted stick with V5, or it could simply be a case of “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Regardless of the reason, as K4 Version 5 begins to grow long in the tooth and K4 Version 6 continues to add more features it becomes harder for publishers to continue putting off an upgrade.

We’ve written the article below to introduce both the core features of K4 Version 6, the newest features of version 6.3 and to discuss concerns about migrating from version 5. Core Features of Version 6 Let’s start with the basics. For those of you who have not been following along with the new direction vjoon has taken with K4 V6, here’s a quick rundown core features of the version 6 platform: Task-Driven Workflow A workflow defined in K4 Version 5 consisted of a number of different article and layout statuses that were configured in a linear sequence. These statuses served as milestones that ushered documents from a starting point to the final stage. K4 Version 6 allows for greater flexibility in defining workflows with more control and granularity. In addition to defining milestone statuses, K4 V6 allows for status-based tasks. A number of different tasks can be linked to a particular status, requiring that each task be completed or purposefully skipped before a layout or article advances to the next status. K4 Version 6 workflows can also incorporate linked relationships between article and layout workflows in the form of dependencies. For example, by using dependencies a production manager can ensure that a layout will not reach final proof status until all article tasks have been completed. Database Options One of the major complaints about K4 Version 5 is the dependency on PrimeBase as the database backend for K4. While PrimeBase is a fairly stable database platform, we have heard numerous complaints on its ability to scale. Database administrators have expressed frustration in having to learn a specific PrimeBase scripting language for automation and feel helpless when it comes to backups and troubleshooting. With K4 Version 6 you have the option of using MySQL Advanced, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle as the database backend. Over the past year and a half DPCI has performed a number of K4 Version 6 implementations using all three database options at various client sites. Sticky Notes The communication between Editorial users and Designers in K4 became a whole lot easier with the introduction of K4 Sticky notes. K4 Sticky Notes are just like Sticky Notes placed by a user in Acrobat. Sticky Notes can be placed anywhere on a spread, even over graphics. Sticky notes can be sent and updated in the K4 system independently from the story. Custom Terminology For those publishers that felt confined and restricted by K4 Version 5’s Publication | Issue | Section structure, you will be happy to know that you can now change the terminology within K4 to more accurately represent the structure of the publications or projects that you are working on. Adobe CS5 Compatibility If you are looking to upgrade to Adobe Creative Suite 5, you will need to upgrade to K4 Version 6 as vjoon will not be releasing an updated set of K4 Version 5 plugins for CS5. New Features in K4 6.3R3 Active Director / LDAP Integration Finally! K4 Version 6.3R3 includes support for LDAP/Active Directory used for user authentication. User access and account management can be achieved through active directory, while defining K4-specific permissions within K4 Admin. You can also import users from a Directory Server. Distributed Enterprise System/Local Data Storage (K4DES/K4LDS) The new Digital Enterprise Server (DES) gives publishers that work with remote offices additional options for optimizing their workflows. By adding in a DES/LDS server to a remote office, K4 users will be able to check-out files at local network speeds while all content and metadata is synced to a master K4 server. Each LDS has its own database that synchronizes with the main K4 Server supplying and updating the required data on a real-time basis. LDS eliminates the issue of long check-out times for large documents across the network to remote offices. Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (Formerly known as Digital Magazine Solution) Adobe’s iPad tools are automatically built into K4, giving publishers the ability to automate the production and bundling of content for the Apple iPad (and additional tablet devices in the future). Using the K4 publication structure, K4 metadata and layout variants for iPad horizontal and vertical views publishers can produce iPad content simultaneously while layouts are created for Print. Upgrading from Version 5 Vjoon has made it easy for version 5 customers to bring over their publication settings and data. When creating a new publication in version 6, administrators can enter in details of their version 5 server and K4 V6 will bring over all users, publication settings, workflows, and all publication data. After import some publication settings may need to be adjusted and the workflows will need to be updated to the task-oriented workflows used in version 6, but overall this option will save publishers a lot of time in upgrading to version 6. K4 6.3R3 also includes a number of familiar version 5 features that were previously unavailable in version 6 such as: – Mail Notification: Users can now be notified when a task is assigned to them. – Content panel: You can now search, archive, and delete from within the K4 Admin.> – Active User Display: You now have the ability to display a list of which users are logged into the K4 system. You also have the ability to log-out users to free up needed licenses. K4 User Features: – Simple/Advanced Article: Editorial and Production staff alike can now choose to Accept the task for the whole article, and essentially turn off the ability to check out individual story parts. This will mimic the behavior of articles in 5.9. When you add a new text object to an article the workflow will be started automatically with no additional dialog box. – Control Tasks: This feature allows users to the ability to change the current task and status of a document without having to open the document. This is similar to “Editing Metadata” in Version 5 – History for Articles: You can now review version history on a whole article instead of just on individual stories. – Accepting Tasks Simultaneously: You can now accept the article task at the same time you accept the task for the layout.

DPCI ( is an interactive technology agency that delivers integrated content management solutions for organizations that need to publish content to Web, print, mobile and e-reader devices.

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Still on K4 Version 5.X? DPCI Lists the Reasons Why You Should Take a Look at K4 Version 6.X}

Pay Day Loans What You Should Know


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Pay Day Loans – What you should know


Todd O\’Brien

You require cash right away but you do not want to ask a favor from friends and relatives. Pay day loans refer to short-term loans usually acquired during paydays. You get the cash through your bank account and you pay for the interest usually on your next payday. Knowing the interest or a cost involved in a payday loan will give you an idea whether you will pursue getting one or not.

First, the best thing to do first is to search for lending companies offering lower rates on their payday loans. Third, before signing in for a payday loan require the lending company to provide you with the computation of the composition of the payday loan. Moreover, if you are not able to pay the full amount of your payday loan the lending company will charge you a finance fee to lengthen the duration of your loan.

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Always bear in mind that the lending company will push you to pay the full amount of the loan. Pay day loan also referred to as a pay day advance, is a little and short term loan normally given to borrowers and secured against their next salary. These loans has been a savior to many people caught up by urgent expenses in the middle of the month before the next salary, without someone to turn to.

Such emergency cases include medical expenses, school fees, vehicle repair and other expenses, which could not have been predictable at the time of the last pay check. The reason why the rates are so high is that risks exposed to the lender are higher compared to conventional loans. If the borrower fails to repay the loan in due time, then the loan grows incredibly at a blast. Another problem is that there is exploitation by the lenders. Many people get enclosed into a trap of a pay day cycle.

Pay day loans are a loyal rescue to so many problems but should always be the last option to think about. It is advantageous when borrowers are informed on the rapid growth of interest rates associated with these loans before attempting to borrow. A Quick Run Down Of Pay Day Loans If Your Looking To Get One. Usually with no credit check required, credit issues that would prevent other types of loans are no longer a problem. With cash available either the same day or next day for many payday loan companies, there is no long wait required.

Companies are constantly competing for business in the payday loan market and will offer rates that are suitable for any budget. Without having to worry about where the extra money is going to come from for any situation, the stress of an emergency is astronomical. It\’s important to be well-informed and ask questions if something seems unclear. Many companies even offer extended payment plans, or can give you a renewable loan if the problem is ongoing. Pay day loans can offer an affordable solution to consumers who find themselves in an emergency situation with no cash on hand.

If you want

payday loan lenders

help pay to get a vehicle or house unexpected emergency, like your boiler providing up 1 you, or an expensive car part heading these types of loans are excellent. Although in case your going to just buy luxurious items your proberly greatest saving. These pay day loans are excellent for emergancy buys similar to house or vehicle problems which you just cant afford now.

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