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Woman returns home with Christmas turkey, a month after setting out


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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Scottish woman who set out before Christmas to purchase a turkey finally made it home on Monday, after being cut off by snow for a month. Kay Ure left the Lighthouse Keeper’s cottage on Cape Wrath, at the very northwest tip of Great Britain, in December. She was heading to Inverness on a shopping trip.

However on her return journey heavy snow and ice prevented her husband, John, from travelling the last 11 miles to pick her up. She was forced to wait a month in a friend’s caravan, before the weather improved and the couple could finally be reunited.

They were separated not just for Christmas and New Year, but also for Mr Ure’s 58th birthday. With no fresh supplies, he was reduced to celebrating with a tin of baked beans. He also ran out of coal, and had to feed the couple’s six springer spaniels on emergency army rations.

“It’s the first time we’ve been separated”, said Mr Ure in December. “We’ve been snowed in here for three weeks before, so we are well used to it and it’s quite nice to get a bit of peace and quiet.”

German government considers introducing mosque taxes, like church taxes


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Saturday, December 29, 2018

On Wednesday, lawmakers of German ruling coalition parties — Christian Democratic Union of Germany ((de))German language: ?Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands (CDU), Social Democratic Party of Germany ((de))German language: ?Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD), and Christian Social Union in Bavaria ((de))German language: ?Christlich-Soziale Union in Bayern (CSU) — announced they were considering imposing new mandatory taxation Muslims would have to pay, which the government would distribute as funding to mosques. The lawmakers said this was a possible solution to stop funding and finance of the mosques in Germany from foreign countries and institutes.

The proposal would introduce taxes for Muslims similar to the mandatory taxes the state collects from practicing Protestants and Catholics in order to fund the churches.

Official estimates indicate Germany has around 4.4 to 4.7 million resident Muslims. Mosques currently receive funding from foreign sources. Press reports indicate Gulf countries provide funding to mosques and imams. Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs ((tr))Turkish language: ?Diyanet ??leri Türk-?slam Birli?i (D?T?B) is reportedly one of the biggest foreign institutes currently funding mosques in Germany. D?T?B is under direction by the Turkish government and reportedly influences over 900 German Muslim communities.

Speaking to Deutsche Welle, Seyran Ates, founder of a progressive mosque in German capital Berlin, said German Islam “has a huge influence from outside, from foreign countries”. Ates went on to say, “They [German Muslims] have to take care about their own religion here in Germany. So Muslims in Germany should do something for Islam in Germany”.

Thorsten Frei of CDU told German daily Die Welt this is an “important step” enabling “Islam in Germany to emancipate itself from foreign states”. CSU’s Michael Frieser said, “Mosques must be open and transparent”.

Describing the idea of the new tax as “worthy of discussion”, Burkhard Lischka of SPD noted: “We need to work with the states on this issue, since the church tax is then responsibility of the states”.

Some other European governments, similarly to Germany, mandate Christians pay church taxes in order to fund the churches; including Austria, Italy, and Sweden.

Where To Find CPR Training?


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Safety training is important for companies and families alike, you can find courses in many different areas such as CPR, first aid and even pediatric methods. Sometimes, you just need to have your safety training come to you instead of you going there. This can save you time and money, especially if you have a lot of employees or family members you need to train. On-site CPR training can offer you the answer. You can get qualified instructors to come to you and show you the ropes and you can even find a list of the courses recommended for your industry from the same places.
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For Your Company
Finding a CPR training course for your company can be easier than you may think. You can find businesses and instructors in your area who will know what you need to learn for your industry and even come to you to teach it to you. This means that you can research one company for a variety of safety training and certifications that your company may need. Getting an on-site course can mean that you can hire an instructor for a full day and cycle your employees through courses without having to transport all of them. This can save you a lot of money if you need to train, or refresh the knowledge of, many employees at once.
For Your Family
On-site CPR training can be good for your family, especially if you are an adventurous bunch. Knowing that you, and your family, can be safer with the proper training can turn first aid courses into a fun family event. Many expecting parents will ask that extended family work to refresh these skills before a baby is born and it is always a good idea to know what to do in an emergency. You can even get instructors to come to your family event to teach skills courses for CPR, first aid and much more.
On-Site CPR training can be the best way to get certifications for your employees or family. These courses can help you and those around you be safer as well as help you get or keep a job in some industries. You can find instructors to come to you and teach courses in CPR, first aid and more, saving you money on transportation costs for a large group while getting you the training that you want. You can even invite the training in to a social gathering like a family reunion.

Stacy Toolson is a writer that simply loves words. She can spend hours discussing ‘their’ vs ‘there’, and the placement of an Oxford comma. She first started writing when she went online to find something about her labradoodle, and couldn’t find anything. Since then, she’s written on apps, electronics, marketing, schooling, pets, and more. Click Here for more details.
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Packaging: A Complete Solution


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Packaging is not just means of making you product attractive and used for wrapping your gift but it also provide protection to your item in fact packaging is used in each and every filed.

Packaging made for making the appearance of your item attractive, it is done so that customer can gets attracted and get impress by that packaging. Really some time it happens you can also note it when you are going for shopping you see the item is wrapped with lovely designed paper and had a ribbon covering to it, you get curious to know what is inside.

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This is the most crucial tool used by different business purpose and play vary important role in marketing product for example if you want that somebody should purchase your product there are two way in which you can represent your product first one is just show your product to the customer without any packing it and here condition can be that he may be in confusion that he should take it now or he should search somewhere else.

Second way you properly wrap it by beautiful design paper and made a design by ribbon and now keep it in front of customer now the difference will be that the condition of confusion and other thought jumping in the mind of customer will not rise at all he/she may immediately take it. So packaging play varies crucial tool in business filed.
Now another role played by packaging is that besides giving attractive look to product it also provide protection to your item. At the time of export and import packaging play the main role because protection is the main role at the time of transportation.

Here card boxes are used for providing protection to your precious item as they are hard and can bear shocks. Here doing packaging is not only solution because at the time of transportation item use to move from their places so doing packaging in proper way is also important factor. Packaging also provide protection to your food item from various virus and dust and also try to keep it fresh for long time. Most of the food material gets damage due to water present in it so packaging help food material to keep way the water vapor and maintain its freshens for longer period of time. So packaging plays important role in day today life if you look around your self when you are in market you will find that most of the item is in packing or wrapped. Packaging is a tool used not only for business purpose but it is used in each field.

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Loans for Retired People- Overcome All Your Unpleasant Experience


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If you have faced an unpleasant experience due to shortage of money then you should apply for Loans for Retired People. Retired people live on small pensions and sometimes it becomes really tough for them to get out of financial problems because the money fell short to overcome these. In that case they can take help of these short term loans. These loans are issued to them for a short time period and help them solve their financial problems in few hours time.

Loans for Retired People are easily available on the internet and the money is also submitted in your account in a very small time span. The application procedure for these loans is very easy. You just need to fill an online form and the money will be in your account without any hassle.

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You are also not required to provide any collateral for these loans. Your loan will be approved without any pledging formalities. You are also not required to undergo any credit checks for these loans. Your loan will be approved on the basis of the amount you get as pension every month. So if you are running on bad credits then also you can apply for these loans without any hassle.

You can easily borrow an amount of £1000 to £25000 for a period of 1 to 10 years. It makes it easy for you to get rid of financial problems without any stress on your repayment. Due to risk involved in these loans the lender charges high rate of interest for these loans. So it is better to search for the right lender before you apply for these loans. You can easily get many options from the internet and can easily select after making comparison between them.

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Using Aluminum Fence In Wilkes Barre To Ensure The Safety Of You Children And Pets


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byAlma Abell

Are you looking for a way to keep your pets and children safe in your backyard? To ensure that they can run and play safely without getting out on a road or falling into the swimming pool? One such way to keep both of them safe is to install fencing on your property. There are many different kinds of fencing that are beautifully designed for both cosmetic looks and also to keep your loved ones safe from danger. To find the different styles of fencing available for your yard, you may want to check out a company that sells aluminum fence in Wilkes-Barre.

YouTube Preview Image

There are many different styles and colors of aluminum fencing in Wilkes-Barre that you can choose from to blend in with the outside of your home. This type of fencing is very low maintenance and normally comes with a lifetime warranty on the finish so you can be assured that it will look beautiful for many years to come. This type of fencing is perfect for dog enclosures, safety fence around your pool, or even fencing around the border of your property.

If you select this fencing, lighting or columns can also be added to them to give it an ornamental look and feel, while still keeping your loved ones safe and secure. You can add a double gate to your driveway which can be installed with a gate operator that will open and shut it without having to leave your vehicle. Just imagine how this beautiful type of fencing and gates will be and see how it will add to the curb appeal of your home also. We all want to make sure that our home is safe and secure while still an asset to the look of the neighborhood. By selecting aluminum fence in Wilkes-Barre, you are ensuring the safety of your home while still adding to its value.

A company that sells aluminum fence in Wilkes-Barre, will also carry other types of fencing to meet your needs. A business like this will have on display, vinyl, chain link, wood, and other kinds of fencing to choose from Whether you are looking for fencing for your residence or your business this type of company will have a wide selection to meet any needs you may have.

Solar car travels around the world


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Friday, December 5, 2008

On December 4, 2008, a solar car, developed by scientists at Swiss universities, ended its journey of traveling around the world at the United Nations climate talks in Pozna?, Poland. Yvo de Boer, the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, rode into Pozna? in the vehicle, along with schoolteacher Louis Palmer.

Will solar-powered cars become viable in the near future?
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The two-seat car began its journey 17 months ago in Lucerne, Switzerland. Carrying solar cells on a trailer, the car sent the message that global warming can be stopped and there are better alternatives.

“This is the first time in history that a solar-powered car has travelled all the way around the world without using a single drop of petrol,” said Palmer. “These new technologies are ready. It’s ecological, it’s economical, it is absolutely reliable. We can stop global warming.”

It’s ecological, it’s economical, it is absolutely reliable. We can stop global warming.

Many people have been carried by the solar car, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

The conference in Pozna? seeks to draft a new climate treaty that would replace the Kyoto protocol, which is set to expire in 2012. The delegates hope to finalize the treaty by December 2009, when the UN reconvenes on the climate in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Here at the conference, we are talking about reducing emissions by 10 or 20 percent,” Palmer said. “I want to show that we can reduce emissions by 100 percent — and that’s what we need for the future.”

Enjoy Great Savings on Sports and Outdoors Equipment


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Are you an outdoor sports fanatic? Do you love to hike, ski, or play sports, but you are tired of paying high equipment prices? Depending on your favorite sport, the cost for equipment can be thousands. However, there are many different way to save on your next equipment purchase. Consider the following for ways to save a bundle of cash.

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First of all shop around – Check online and in the papers for equipment for sale. You can also check in your local phone book for sports equipment stores. You will likely find there are many sporting goods and outfitters available in your area. You might even check sites like Craigslist or Deals.com to see if you can find a good deal. Sporting and outdoor equipment can vary largely in price. Make sure you find the best deal.

Consider a trade – Many stores will allow you to trade in equipment you no longer use and receive credit you can use to buy the items you need. You might also put an ad in the paper or online classified to see if anyone has what you are looking for. In this case, you might find you have something that you can trade to someone who has your item. If you trade locally, you can probably trade things besides equipment.

Check with sports companies – Many local companies that rent equipment or host sporting events will sell older equipment they no longer need. If sports equipment is what you are in search of you might also check with local schools to see if they have equipment for sale. Many of the places offer sales each year.

Check online auctions – Many online auction sites will have outdoor or sporting equipment listed. You might just get lucky and win your item for a low bid. Look for items that are ending soon and place the highest bid in the end before someone can enter into a bidding war and make the price go up. You might also check for instant buy offers. However, with this type of site make sure you figure in shipping and handling costs as well.

Buy last year’s models – Many stores will offer clearance or close out models when the new models are coming into the store. The new models will generally have few differences for what is currently available. In this case, you get a brand new product at a discounted price just because a new one has come out.

These are all great ways to save money on your next purchase. However, make sure you check the safety of any product you are purchasing. When you are buying harnesses to save you from falling off a cliff or a helmet to protect you during a tackle, you want to make sure you will be protected. Check online review sites to make sure the great deal you found is recommended by people who have tried the product and found it safe and effective. When buying sports and outdoors equipment it is important never to sacrifice price for quality and safety.

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The Advantage Of Machine Embroidery Services


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Machine embroidery services are advantageous as they allow individuals to select embroidery patterns from a wide range of options and create their favorite embroidered clothes with the help of digitized embroidery machines. Low cost and employing machines are added advantages that help in creating most beautiful line of clothing.

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There used to be a time when embroidery was done manually and utilized a lot of labor and time. But today, with the advent of Machine embroidery services, almost everything is done by the machines to create amazing embroidery designs. The advantage of such services is that you can decide exactly what kind of embroidery patterns and designs you want to create and feed the machines with the required data which thereby produces them to the minutest detail at minimum cost and time.

Embroidery designs machine were first utilized in the 19th century to create automated designs. Soon several companies sprung up offering Machine embroidery services to meet the growing demand for embroidered clothes and fabric. With the help of embroidery machines and computer systems there was a boom in contract embroidery services as anyone could install the machines and start production of varied and unique embroidery designs.

In the beginning when the first embroidery designs machines were introduced, they were still run my manpower and required a lot of human intervention. A lot of men were required to run those machines and create embroidery designs. It was also very tiresome and time-consuming process. But with the invention of automatic embroidery machines a single machine replaced all other machines and cut down on all the manpower that was required to run those machines. Today, Machine embroidery services utilize automatic machines to create numerous patterns of embroidery according to the requirements of the customers within a very short span of time.

The modern machines employ software to create unique, creative and innumerous embroidery and stitch patterns. The process is also less time consuming, produces heavy embroidery designs at minimum cost and enables innovative style of embroidery. Clothing lines have used the Machine embroidery services offered by several companies because with digitization of embroidery the demand for such clothes for children, men and women have gone up steadily. Besides, digitized versions of embroidery patterns can also be downloaded from the Internet or purchased online to use them in your own clothing lines. There are also many machine embroidery manufactures who sell their designs and patterns that can be used to create beautiful embroidered clothes.

Machine embroidery services offer varied range of designs such as clothing embroidery designs, crazy work design, household embroidery designs and logo embroidery designs. Clothing embroidery generally employs machine embroidery techniques to create fashionable clothes for men, women and children that leave a lasting impression on everyone. In crazy work design several pieces of fabric are strewn together to form larger pieces of fabric, which are later, utilized in making cushion covers, table covers, etc.

Household embroidery is used to create bed-sheets, carpets, curtains, etc., while logo designing is utilized in making custom designs for gloves, shoes, caps and jackets. All these designs, be it simple or complex, fancy stitches with beads and baubles or simple lines, can all be accomplished by digitized embroidery machines. Lastly, it would be important to note that Machine embroidery services are available online, whereby you can select patterns online and imprint them on your own choice of fabrics or clothes.

Web Development Companies in Bangalore Fueling the Entrepreneurship


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In the current era when the Entrepreneurship is on the boom and every individual wants to be an Entrepreneur, web development companies are harvesting gold. With the increased Entrepreneurships, the hunt for website designing companies and web development companies is at its high. It has now become a mandate to have a presence on the internet. Companies are even judged on the quality of the website they have. Better the website, higher its reputation is. This has eventually increased the pressure and competition among the web development companies in Bangalore. Web Development Company is now trying to lure the young Entrepreneurs with various offers and promises. Due to This nail biting competition they are not even educating their clients properly upon what they are looking and what is being offered. The best web development company is that which educates its clients about the complete things and how this technology can be used to boost their business.

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When we talk about making a website, both website designing and website development is a vast sea to dive in. The best utilization of these technologies helps you sky rocketing your business. The more you make your website enticing with a professional website design, unique content and genuine back links, the more traffic will be received by it. A good corporate website should have an appealing and smart design with keywords rich unique content in it. The content should be well managed in order to grab the viewer’s attention. No wonder website development is a time consuming but a creative and interesting skill. To get an excellent corporate website with attractive features in it, you must take the services of a Professional Web Development Company. On the other hand if you are launching an e-commerce website the most essential aspects that you simply should focus on is the skills of the web development company whom you hire for your ecommerce website development. Many web development companies fail to understand the features required in ecommerce development and its deployment. They fail to give a customized website design for an ecommerce portal with all the features running smoothly. It is highly recommended to take help from the professional ecommerce web development company who is running since long and who is capable to take the annual maintenance of the same, as they understand every bit of skills required in developing a good website and draw a huge number of traffic towards your website.

Having a consistent and smart online presence is very much necessary for you to rank higher in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing. Being the owner of a business website you should understand & target your customer’s requirements and improve your search engine rankings. To be precise web applications development play a vital role in developing your business, ranging from strategy making to the execution of the policies, business development to resource planning to different business interaction. The route to your business’s success is carried out by the useful process of web application development. In the present day, lots of companies have come up with their own success stories and many more are creating something new. Assume yourself as one of these success story creators and realize what exactly you should look for when you think to launch your business and start your hunt for the web development company which can cater you with the services promptly and honestly.

Are looking for a Web Designing and Development Company? Bangalore, India being the IT hub for the web development services in the world is the advised destination where you can get your requirements fulfilled in the way you want. For web development, Bangalore is the market as the website development companies over here offer full-service web development and designing with world-class Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. No matter what your business is, or how big your business is, your website is very essential as it is your online face & simultaneously the best tool to promote your business in every corner of the globe. Whether you are just a beginner or want a makeover of your existing online facet, you would need such a company that is not only reliable but professional and skilled enough to handle your requirements as well. A professional web development company provides high-quality services and brings a positive impact to your business. Whether it is a small business or large business web development and design companies of India will always give you the best services.

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