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Injuries are inevitable and they never strike with a warning. People, at some point in time, have to deal with injuries which leave them in despair. Some injuries are deadly and can completely hamper the individual mobility, in which case they might require assistance.

Injuries are inevitable and they never strike with a warning. People, at some point in time, have to deal with injuries which leave them in despair. Some injuries are deadly and can completely hamper the individual mobility, in which case they might require assistance. The need of certain mobile products and equipments exists for the recovery process. To meet this need, companies offering products, like Cane Lebanon, have come up in the market. They provide assistance products to people who might be recovering from a surgery, a broken a leg, excessive weakness due to an illness or certain back issues. Whatever, the instances be, these upgraded medical equipments provide the right help to patients.


Nowadays, there are many companies which offer such products. Besides, some companies along with health care products offer furnishings required for doctor?s clinic, nursing homes, fitness centers, therapy shops, pharmacies, hospitals and other potential users. Earlier, it was not easy to locate such companies. By using the internet, the search for such companies has become relatively easy. Companies have hoisted their websites to help people find the right tools. People in Lebanon, can easily find health care products from a company like Cane Lebanon. It offers a number of products like lumbar Lebanon, sacral Lebanon, oximeter Lebanon and many others. Canes acts as an excellent support system to a person. They are extensively used by the elderly, and individuals, who are recovering from an injury, which might have affected their ability to walk. Cane Lebanon offers a wide variety of canes. These canes are often designed to ease the specific problems of the individuals. You can easily opt for a simple wood cane, or for an aluminum adjustable York handle cane, depending upon your need.

The cane Lebanon companies also offer ergonomically designed furniture i.e. tables and seats for patients. The seats and table Lebanon designs are quite popular, and are extensively used in clinics and work places. These companies also offer a wide range of medical equipments from stethoscopes to hospital beds, catheters, nebulizers and other such vital equipment. It is important to choose a reliable and approved service when buying these products. When the question arises on equipments to improve mobility, there are products like wheelchairs and crutches that are available. These equipments assist in helping people to move and improve the quality of life. Elderly individuals, or people recovering from accidents, are in need of such health care products.

If you are suffering from an injury, and are in dire need of a health care medical product, all you need to do is find a company that can provide you with the right products and services. You can also use the internet and explore these options. The internet helps you to choose the services of a reliable company and find the products that meet your requirement at the best prices. Economical and quality products are what people look for. The Internet has made the task easier for many sick and dependent individuals, to find their freedom through these equipment.

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By Sharon Bell

Pain caused by arthritis is simply excruciating. People suffering from this condition usually have difficulty performing basic tasks like driving, cleaning the house, and playing golf. The aches become even more unbearable during the cold months when even the most mundane things such as standing up, sitting down, and climbing up the stairs are very difficult to do.

The first thing that people who suffer from arthritis do to ease the pain brought about by this condition is to pop a painkiller like ibuprofen, naproxen, or aspirin. Although these medications, which are known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), provide temporarily relief from pain, they can actually cause more harm than good. According to an article released by the Science Daily in 2005, the mortality rate from NSAID complications is higher than that of serious diseases like cervical cancer and AIDS. If you want to learn about the dangers caused by NSAIDs, read on and learn.


There are quite a number of people who develop allergic reactions to NSAIDs. Symptoms of allergy from NSAIDS range from minor such as nausea, rashes and vomiting; to major such as shortness of breath and other breathing problems. Moreover, people with asthma are more likely to develop allergies from these drugs. Thus, if you have asthma it is better to find alternative medications that can ease your arthritis pain.

Secondary Ulcers


Many studies have shown that frequent use of NSAIDs can cause secondary ulcers. In fact, a 2005 study published in the American Gastroenterological Association Journal showed that 71% of people who took NSAID medications for ninety days or more exhibited problems in their small intestines.

Unlike primary ulcer which is caused by bacteria called H. pylori, secondary ulcers are usually detected when there are already perforations or bleeding in the stomach or small intestine. Thus, more people with secondary ulcers require major surgeries than those suffering from primary ulcer.

Further Complications Of Arthritis

A lot of patients who use NSAIDs to help treat and ease pain from arthritis find it ironic that these drugs actually cause arthritis to become more severe. According to Dr. James Braly, an allergy specialist in Florida, NSAIDs can accelerate the deterioration of the joints. Thus, prolonged use of ibuprofen, naproxen, and other NSAIDs can turn your ordinary case of arthritis into a more complicated one.

Edema Or Water Retention

Although there are only a few cases of people who develop edema due to excessive use of NSAIDs, there is still a serious cause for alarm because such ailment can lead to heart and respiratory problems. Edema caused by excessive use of NSAID is more common in elderly patients because body organs, like the kidneys and heart, are not functioning at their peak anymore. Basically, edema is the swelling of some parts of the body which is usually caused by abnormal salt and fluid retention.

Liver and Renal Failure

Many people do not consider NSAID as drugs. Thus, they just take it without much consideration. Although the cases of liver and renal failure due to the prolonged and frequent use of NSAIDs are very few, the seriousness of this complication should be a real cause for concern. Experts believe that taking too much NSAIDs for several years could contribute to liver and kidney failure because of the way these drugs, particularly naproxen, affect urination and the overall metabolic system of the body.

If you are suffering from arthritis, there are a lot of other ways to manage the pain. Instead of being dependent on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to ease the discomforts caused by arthritis, you can choose alternative treatments such as acupuncture, yoga, and herbal medicine.

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Get Rid Of Silver Fish


David Robarge


Check your cereal box and notice the tell-tale sign that the silverfish have made their dinner out of your cereal box. Silverfish are here to pester your life forever. Silverfish are here to make your house a kingdom of their own. Yes,

silverfish are those dreaded menaces who continue to nibble on all your things.



Identify places at home they use as safe refuge. Best to do is know it’s origin, and more about it so it would be easy to fight it off. Silverfish are tiny (about half to one millimeter in length) and has antennas, hairs, and feet. A female silver fish lays an average of three eggs daily so they multiply fast. The silverfish reproduction process includes, the male and female standing face to face, their trembling antennae touching, then repeatedly backing off and return to this position, the male runs away and the female chases him, then the male and female stand side by side and head-to-tail, with the male vibrating his tail against the female and finally the male lays a spermatophore, a sperm capsule covered in gossamer, which the female takes into her body via her ovipositor to fertilize the eggs that she will lay later on. silverfish,these disgusting bugs can nibble on your cereal boxes and eat your cereal too but here’s the worst part even if you haven’t actually seen them in your cereal, you might be chomping the eggs they have left in your cereal



> Silverfish are just “eekky” to have. As plain as silverfish are, they are so yucky and uncomfortable to have in your home, you would not want to live your life having them around.

> Silverfish damages your clothes. Silverfish are also very attracted to silk, cotton fabrics, synthetics, etc. Silverfish may be living in your old clothes as you keep them in your closet.


You can buy a sticky roach trap from hardware stores or make a jar trap to catch the silverfish but such options will only give a temporary relief. Silverfish Control, will show you how to use homemade pesticides which will kill the silverfish individual because they are not like the ants or bees, they do not live in hills nor hives and there no queen.


> Learn how to identify “problem areas” in your home(Problem areas are places that silverfish use to access your

home or use as a safe refuge during the daytime).

> Discover what silverfish feed on and what food they are attracted to in your pantry.


All you have to do is learn the Silverfish Control system and follow the step by step directions and you will be on your way to a life without the worries of silverfish. Never feel paranoid again whenever you get into bed fearing that maybe silverfish would crawl on you.

Discover a natural, *permanent* solution for silverfish control.

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A home bar is an area within the home that will prove to be the focal point of any socializing. This is due to the fact that it is a gathering place for people to have an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic drink. Subsequently people will congregate at this focal point and will naturally engage in conversation, the telling of jokes and the sharing of life experiences and stories.

Consequently, when people enjoy their beverage at this oasis they generally like it to be cool and refreshing. Therefore, it is important, when thinking about investing in a home bar, to consider what type of refrigeration will be utilized. This refrigeration could be provided by a basic refrigerator, use of a wine refrigerator cooler or ice cubes.

First of all, the basic refrigeration to maintain the coolness of the drinks or bottled beverages would be through the use of ice. This ice can be taken from the freezer space located within a refrigerator in the kitchen and stored in a separate thermos area in the bar area. Therefore, if an individual uses ice cubes for their beverage, then the bartender could simply draw ice cubes from the ice chest to cool down the drink.


Another way to ensure that guests have iced drinks is to install an icemaker in the bar itself. This is not as difficult a task as it seems. There are small and portable icemakers on the market that can be purchased and placed under the home bar counter. Happily, such icemakers do not require a drainage system, so plumbing is a non-issue.

Another way to keep drinks cold, particularly beers and soft drinks would be to have a portable refrigerator either in the bar or near it. These small electrical units can be easily found for purchase and fit nicely in most home bars.

You also might think about a wine refrigerator. This particular appliance exists to keep wine at the proper temperature for the enjoyment of the wine drinkers among your guests.

Specifically, the wine can be placed in the refrigerator on its side as the shelves are designed to accommodate wine bottles. There are different sizes of wire refrigerators that can be purchased and the size decided upon is dependent upon the number of bottles of wine that you would like to have chilled at any given time. The beauty of a wine refrigerator is that it is specifically designed to maintain the optimum temperature as recommended for wine cooling.

If you have an outdoor home bar, a cooler will do the job of keeping drinks cold very nicely. This cooler could be in the form of a large ice chest which could hold ice cubes or a smaller stainless steel cooler to chill a bottle of wine or a couple bottles of beer. A stainless steel cooler in the shape of a bucket would add a touch of style to any outdoor party. Generally, ice can be easily purchased for little money from convenience or grocery stores and come in 10 and 20 pound bags.

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By Moses Wright

Not long ago, traveling from point A to B might be a tedious task not to mention traveling abroad. Today, wheelchair bound individuals have the opportunity to travel abroad, set sail on a cruise, or take a drive cross-country to Grandma’s house.

However, handicapped vacationers must realize that there will still be extra challenges, even in travel. So, take some advice, avoid a few pitfalls, seek assistance from the professionals, and do a little research before beginning to explore the world on wheels.

Life is full of pitfalls, and traveling is no exception. Unfortunately, many people are in the tourism business are working for the money, and meeting customer needs is not always on the priority in their minds.


Two summers ago, Tina’s personal experience taught a hard lesson. They were looking forward to a family weekend in a neighboring city, and reservations were placed at a local motel chain. Specifically told to the hotel staff, the travelers needed handicapped accommodations for three. Upon entering the room, to their surprise, one queen-sized bed was not what they thought they saw. The clerk has the audacity to suggest the room was rebooked without the children.

Demanding different accommodations, the clerk immediately provided a room suitable for three, with one exception – no handicapped shower. Oh well, compromises can be made for two days. No such luck! Returning to the room at night, a big problem became very apparent. The bathroom door is not wide enough for a wheelchair to enter.

Lesson learnt: Do not allow travel nightmares to plague an already challenged life. Learn from the mistakes of another, and ask specifically for the disabled person’s needs to be met. Instead of asking for a handicapped room, ask for a wheelchair accessible room. For some reason, many establishments assume handicapped people do not have families. Make sure the rooms are big enough. Unbelievably, many businesses will try to cut corners and try to rent an unacceptable room, rather than admit the motel does not have the necessary accommodations. Nor will the staff helpfully suggest a competitor with a suitable room. Do not place the reservation online. Talk directly to a person, and get a name.

Seek some advice, and seek help from professionals, especially when taking a cruise or traveling abroad. For instance, companies like Access Network specialize in assuring the customer’s special needs are met. Travel around the world, and know the establishments cater to physically handicapped guests. Whether going to Egypt, Africa, or anywhere else, travel agencies, with the disabled in mind, can tell a person the best places to stay, the nicest places to eat, and the handicapped accessible tourist attractions. That’s what you need.

However, even with the help of a travel agent, a little research can also prevent an inaccessibility problem from ruining a wonderful vacation. For instance Apparalyzed is an online support organization for paralyzed people. In giving support and advice, Apparalyzed also has travel recommendations including shelter, food, and fun.

So, before you kennel the dog, lock up the house, and starts exploring the world, listen to some sage advice. When looking for accommodations, be specific as to any special needs, such as a bigger room, wheelchair accessible shower bathroom. Speak to a real person, not a computer. Seek professional assistance before traveling abroad, and do a little homework before signing on the dotted line. Take the ‘dis’ out of disability, and enjoy life to the fullest measure.

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Submitted by: Robert Ing

Hardly a day goes by when you don t hear about a computer virus in the news or from someone you know. As a matter of fact, there are well over 8,000 active computer viruses in the world in any given twenty-four period and 5 new viruses are introduced daily. The majority of computers will catch a virus through an e-mail attachment or link. Most viruses will use an infected computers address book to distribute themselves, so you are much more likely to receive a virus from someone you know rather than a total stranger.

However, the best way to identify whether or not any attachment could be a potential virus hazard is by looking at the extension (suffix) of the attached file. Hazardous file attachments are .pif, .exe, .com, .vbs, .bat, .bin, .dot, .reg, .js, .scr, .xlm and .dll. While this list is by no means exhaustive these are the definite ones to be on-guard for. In case you re wondering, catching a virus by file sharing is the second most popular way to get infected. File sharing whether you use removable disks, CDs, DVDs, memory cards/sticks or even synch cables can make your never connected to the Internet computer, vulnerable to catching a virus.

Protecting your computer from a computer virus infection is relatively easy if you follow these simple steps:

1. Put anti-virus software on all your computers whether they are Internet connected or not.


2. Don t open or download file attachments (attached files) in your e-mails. Especially the ones with the extensions .pif, .exe, .com, .vbs, .bat, .bin, .dot, .reg, .js, .scr, .xlm and .dll.

3. Don t click on links in the body of your e-mails.

4. Don t download software from web sites that you do not know.

5. Never install software on your computer unless you know where it came from.

6. Run a manual anti-virus scan for every 24 hours you use your computer.

7. Be sure that your anti-virus software is up-to-date. All anti-virus software products usually provide updates every 2 4 weeks and this service is free of charge to registered users for up to a year.

8. Received an e-mail from someone you know but didn t expect them to send you a file attachment? Call the person first, before downloading or opening the file attachment to confirm that it really came from them. Some virus programs are very good at making it look like they are just files sent to you from someone in yours or your friends e-mail address book.

9. Put firewall software on all your computers that are temporarily or permanently connected to the Internet.

If you follow these simple steps you should be able to stop a virus before it infects your computer.

Copyright 2005-2006 Dr. Robert Ing,

About the Author: Dr. Robert Ing is a forensic intelligence specialist and has appeared on North American news networks on the issues of technology crime, computer security, privacy and identity theft. For more articles by Dr. Robert Ing please visit


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Plastic Surgeon – Choosing a Top Qualified Physician


Alfred Ardis

Whether you need surgery to meet reconstructive or cosmetic needs, it pays to find the right clinic for you. Deciding on a plastic surgeon can take some time in terms of seeking out recommendations and then doing research on ideal facilities and physicians, but seeing as the procedures cater entirely towards results of physical appearance, making the best choice the first time around is the ultimate goal. If you would care to know how to measure the standards of a quality office as compared to another, then read on for advice.

To seek out an ideal doctor to help you achieve the look you need, definitely begin your search by asking around amongst those you know who have gone under treatment. If you do not happen to know of anyone, then start by looking into the physicians that work in your area. You should jot down all the contact information for these places and then proceed to phoning them all one at a time.


You will want to ask about the qualifications of each plastic surgeon upon speaking with a representative. In addition, make sure that the person you may potentially be receiving treatment from is well experienced in the type of procedure you are seeking. You should ask as much about the type of surgery you need to get a good idea of what you will be enduring before, during, and after the operation is complete. For instance, if you are seeking a breast lift or augmentation, you may want to find out about transportation to and from the clinic, what types of food or medications may affect anesthesia, and how long you will need to recuperate before you can return to work.

If by now you have narrowed down your list of ideal candidates for the procedure, it will be time to do some background research on the history of the clinic. Find out if there is any history of malpractice. On top of this, ask a representative of the office for some references of past patients. Any quality facility should be more than happy to provide this information.

Ask for options in terms of how a certain surgery may be performed. See if there are alternative options for anesthetics or methods of operation that may be more suited to your needs. Having the luxury of choice when undergoing a potentially serious treatment can make a big difference. Also, confirm that the physician whose name is associated with the clinic and not an intern or someone in training will in fact operate you on.

After doing a little detective research, you will locate the best plastic surgeon for what you need done. This is not a stage that should be ignored or taken lightly. You are going to be putting yourself through a potentially costly ordeal that will yield permanent results. Do the right thing and carefully select the best physician for the job and will not regret it.


Alexandria VA plastic surgeon

can help bring your looks to the next level. To learn more about hiring one please see the following:


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Pc Restore Service – Reality Sheet


Rebecca Malloy To truly conserve yourself

some money, pay for everything in money. Cash does not bounce, and when it is in your wallet, you usually know how a lot cash you have. Conserve your self journeys to the ATM though, as charges can eat up your cash. Instead, get cash back again at shops.

Have you at any time tried online banking? Most banking institutions provide an on-line banking services for totally free. You should signal up for this services: you will be in a position to manage your accounts at home. Most on-line banking services let you pay bills, transfer cash and keep monitor of the money coming in and out of your accounts. A couple of months in the past, 1 of my family members — who is by no means a “computer individual” — spent nearly a thousand dollars on a new Computer. She produced some good decisions . she opted for tried-and-accurate Windows XP instead of the new and unstable Windows Vista, and she purchased from a local computer seller rather of heading to a big-box store or mail-purchasing on-line. But this doesn’t alter the fact that she spent nearly a thousand ECU Hardware book

testing bucks, on a Pc tower with dual CPUs, three GBs of RAM and a two hundred+ GB hard drive . to verify e-mail, surf the internet and write up some Microsoft Office documents.


Gauge has been controlled by electrical gadget via bottons, then, there are a digital panel in the front. You can enter the data to use them, of program, you also can modify them by hand if you want much more correct aim. Hello! Ever hear of the constructed in search option in all home windows variations? Besides, what can one probably lose in that small plastic box recognized as a computer that cannot be discovered unless of course the hard generate disintegrates? In which situation neither an oline computer ecu test Bench nor Microsoft can’t help you anyway. Inconvenience can be

experienced when concurrently charging the telephone and composing a message. The charger port is situated on the bottom right hand side of the phone that obstructs the fingers. It will need getting utilized to the ecu hardware when composing a concept.

How many occasions have you noticed individuals reading a daily newspaper standing in the teach along their way to the office? Nicely, in the electronic globe that is the cliche. Amazon’s Kindle has revolutionized the entire idea. Now you automotive electronics can accessibility the every day news paper or study your novel on an electronic gadget which is very skinny, mild and easy to have about. Kindle two is a modified edition of the authentic Kindle with all flaws corrected. Does anybody else treatment enough about consumer experience? About the really feel and fit and finish of a item, and not just how cheap it is and how many “features” it has? I don’t know. Here’s hoping we find out! And right here’s hoping that someone makes a Google iPad. Continuing the variation on

the theme; type your query into Google. However, do be certain not rely ECU Circuits on the first results that arrive up. Companies and web sites pay people to actively market their content, and optimize the display of their webpages in lookup engines. By drilling down into later on webpages, you will be able to access previous conversations, exactly where individuals have currently skilled the same issues.

Because of this, computer manufacturers ECU Hardware book

tester try to “outdo” every other by cramming much more powerful elements into each box, and dropping the cost down as much as possible. But the shops attempt to upsell you on purchasing their most powerful (and expensive) computer systems, because there’s a larger markup on those. So if you just walk into a Very repair

ECU Hardware book

best Buy and ask the salesperson what’s best, you may walk out with way too much pc.

This is the very query to the

solution 1 of my buddies introduced up during our discussion about credit repair. I’m ECU Failures not sure any of you are aware of Cornerstone Prosperity and the proprietor John Ashley who began the business when he was a teenager. He supplied a service to assist people restore their credit score and is the only credit repair service that has not been shut down by the FTC. Why do you believe that is? The query can be answered simply simply because they don’t assist you by committing illegal functions. All the techniques that the company does can be done your self however to do it your self you have to be acquainted with the legislation so you go to them in trade for a fee and they do it for you.

The only factor The Tennessee

Mountain Man is discovering in Microsoft’s leading 100 reasons to upgrade to Vista is more costs, slower response, and more of the exact same issues which have contributed significantly to the destruction of the American family.

But it requires a professional Tv aerial ECU Hardware book test Bench provider to identify the exact problem and solution. The homeowner might suspect some thing amiss from the bad Television reception automotive electronics but might not be well versed to take on the correct solution.The next trigger is due to some poor ecu hardware. This is primarily because of to slight fragmentation of the solder joints repair ECU Hardware book which are brittle these days due to lead totally free solders. When you constantly perform for hrs with each other with out good ventilation this would lead to the melting of these solder joints, which will direct to xbox three red lights error. So is there a fix? Read on.The writer’s name is Charlene. To backyard is what my family and I appreciate.I presently live in Texas and I have everything that I require right here. Administering databases is my occupation but I’ve usually needed my personal business. He’s not godd at design but you may want to verify his website: Source: }

Modular home builders are pretty different from downright prefabricated home builders. Although used interchangeably, there’s a distinct difference between them. Prefabricated (or prefab) buildings are composed of components or structures manufactured somewhere else (usually a factory). These components may either be entirely or halfway finished. They are then installed or coupled at the building site.

Modules (also called volumetric or 3D), on the other hand, are prefabricated components that enclose spaces, unlike downright prefabricated homes. Like prefabs, they are made in a factory and installed at the building site.

Prefabricated buildings are famous for having quite dull and uninspired designs. However, several modular home builders have put in the effort to make these homes more attractive without a remarkable change in price. We will reveal some of them and why they are the best builders around today in this article.

Here are nine awesome modular designers on the market

Method homes

Method homes have a variety of about eight different sets of designs that range from the vintage cottage style to the urban or modern styles. Their homes are a starting price of $95000. You get to have a say in the kind of designs you want as you get to work hands-on with the architectural and engineering team. This means that you’ll be invited to work with architects to bring designs to life.

House port

House port is known for sprawling and galvanized metal roofing to protect the home from environmental factors. Each of the components of the home is constructed using cubes to create a layout of the rooms. Their homes have a starting price of $65000


These homes are inspired by traditional or old cabins but have a modern feel to them. Setting up this building is fast, easy, and can take about 3-5days. The starting price is usually $82000

Ma Modular

These homes offer various modern floor plans depending on their square feet, and it takes about 180 days or less to drop off the prefab components and install them.

Little House on the Trailer

With a starting price of about $34,000, these designers offer beautiful base models easily assembled for a fair price.


The weeHouse has beautiful architectural designs and makes prefabricated designs based on your budget. These components can be arranged and installed in different manners. It has a starting price of $80,000

Blu Homes

Blu Homes have about seven different excellent architectural designs. They basically make the idea of prefabs more interesting. They have a starting price of $145,000.


With a starting price of $139,000, these designers are unique as their work is eco-friendly. They offer three lines of homes and have a team of highly qualified architects and engineers.

Rocio Romero LV Series

With minimalism as the objective and a starting price of $6,000, they basically bring the outside inside. The natural feel of your home will definitely make it your favorite place to be.


Choosing the perfect designer to make your prefabricated building can be stressful as there are a lot of designers in the market today, such that you can not easily tell who is genuine and who is a fraud. You can not also tell the designer who will understand your choices and desires as you want them. Not to worry, though. The tips that have been discussed in this document will help to make the job easier for you.

When you eventually find one, make sure they are budget-friendly and are qualified enough to bring beautiful designs to life, especially according to our discussions in this piece.


Shopping where you can find customized promotional gifts all in one location affords you a great deal of advantages. As a business owner/manager you probably have a full plate of responsibilities, adding “shopping” for promotional items is probably not something you look forward too. Having to visit more than one site online or worse yet deal with more salespeople is not only time consuming it can be frustrating. You need:

* A wide range of options

* Fast, reliable service

* Dependable quality

When you are shopping for promotional items you want to be sure that you can find a large selection that you can choose from all in one place. You do not want to waste time searching for the items that you want and you do not want to have to settle for items that you really do not want.

Fast, Reliable

There are options both on and off line that are just not really viable options, not because the products are not great but because the service is not great. Typically, a business owner does not order items months in advance they are ordering the items that they need now. Fast turnaround times and reliable delivery schedule is a must.

Dependable Quality

Of course you want the inventory, fast turnarounds but you also have to be assured of the quality of the products because they will be associated with your business and you never want shoddy items to be associated with your business. It is just bad for your image to accept anything less than good quality products.

There is one place that makes it so easy to find the products that you want all under one roof and as an added bonus you can order everything right online including customizations. To buy more products then visit D K Specialties at