By Sharon Bell

Pain caused by arthritis is simply excruciating. People suffering from this condition usually have difficulty performing basic tasks like driving, cleaning the house, and playing golf. The aches become even more unbearable during the cold months when even the most mundane things such as standing up, sitting down, and climbing up the stairs are very difficult to do.

The first thing that people who suffer from arthritis do to ease the pain brought about by this condition is to pop a painkiller like ibuprofen, naproxen, or aspirin. Although these medications, which are known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), provide temporarily relief from pain, they can actually cause more harm than good. According to an article released by the Science Daily in 2005, the mortality rate from NSAID complications is higher than that of serious diseases like cervical cancer and AIDS. If you want to learn about the dangers caused by NSAIDs, read on and learn.


There are quite a number of people who develop allergic reactions to NSAIDs. Symptoms of allergy from NSAIDS range from minor such as nausea, rashes and vomiting; to major such as shortness of breath and other breathing problems. Moreover, people with asthma are more likely to develop allergies from these drugs. Thus, if you have asthma it is better to find alternative medications that can ease your arthritis pain.

Secondary Ulcers


Many studies have shown that frequent use of NSAIDs can cause secondary ulcers. In fact, a 2005 study published in the American Gastroenterological Association Journal showed that 71% of people who took NSAID medications for ninety days or more exhibited problems in their small intestines.

Unlike primary ulcer which is caused by bacteria called H. pylori, secondary ulcers are usually detected when there are already perforations or bleeding in the stomach or small intestine. Thus, more people with secondary ulcers require major surgeries than those suffering from primary ulcer.

Further Complications Of Arthritis

A lot of patients who use NSAIDs to help treat and ease pain from arthritis find it ironic that these drugs actually cause arthritis to become more severe. According to Dr. James Braly, an allergy specialist in Florida, NSAIDs can accelerate the deterioration of the joints. Thus, prolonged use of ibuprofen, naproxen, and other NSAIDs can turn your ordinary case of arthritis into a more complicated one.

Edema Or Water Retention

Although there are only a few cases of people who develop edema due to excessive use of NSAIDs, there is still a serious cause for alarm because such ailment can lead to heart and respiratory problems. Edema caused by excessive use of NSAID is more common in elderly patients because body organs, like the kidneys and heart, are not functioning at their peak anymore. Basically, edema is the swelling of some parts of the body which is usually caused by abnormal salt and fluid retention.

Liver and Renal Failure

Many people do not consider NSAID as drugs. Thus, they just take it without much consideration. Although the cases of liver and renal failure due to the prolonged and frequent use of NSAIDs are very few, the seriousness of this complication should be a real cause for concern. Experts believe that taking too much NSAIDs for several years could contribute to liver and kidney failure because of the way these drugs, particularly naproxen, affect urination and the overall metabolic system of the body.

If you are suffering from arthritis, there are a lot of other ways to manage the pain. Instead of being dependent on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to ease the discomforts caused by arthritis, you can choose alternative treatments such as acupuncture, yoga, and herbal medicine.

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Dentists today are much more than people who simply clean teeth and fill cavities. Today, dentists can be considered as part doctor and part artist. Dentists are professionals who are highly qualified and experienced in all matters concerning oral health, and any person can turn to them when they need a boost of self-confidence. They are there to help everyone keep their smiles happy for as long as they live.

There are a number of different procedures that a highly qualified dentist will be able to perform whether the patient is seeking help with preventative measures, tooth repair, or cosmetic work. From cavities to dental implants and everything in-between, the art of dentistry is helping people all over the world smile brighter every day.

General and Preventative Dentistry


General and preventative dentistry is the oldest type of dentistry and is a practice that no person should live without. General dentistry caters to oral healthcare needs by providing a wide range of services which diagnose and treat any issues with the gums, teeth, and overall oral health of a person.

Preventative dentistry includes general dentistry but is just a bit more specialized. Preventative dentistry includes procedures which are meant to avert decay and disease. Such procedures include:

* Professional teeth cleanings; * Comprehensive oral examinations; * Gum disease treatments; * Dental fillings and sealants; * Screenings for oral cancer.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry does include treatment of oral health issues and takes preventative measures into account, the main focus is on the improvement of appearance. Cosmetic treatments have become increasingly popular today, and a lot of people consider them just as important as general and preventative care. The most common cosmetic procedures include:

* Veneers; * Tooth whitening and/or bleaching; * Contouring and/or reshaping; * Dental Implants and bridges; * Dental bonding; * Orthodontics.


Dentures are all about comfort and confidence and they are not just for elderly people anymore. They were designed to allow anyone who has lost several or all of their teeth, due to accidents, decay, or other issues, to be able to chew food properly, speak more clearly, and smile more confidently.

The patient will be provided with full or partial dentures, depending on their individual assessment and needs. Regular visits back to the dentist will ensure that the dentures keep their fit properly and that the patient is always as comfortable and confident as they deserve to be.

Finding a highly qualified and experienced dentist in Livonia is the first step to achieving a happy and healthy smile. Dentistry today means much more than just keeping teeth clean. From preventative measures to cosmetic repair, seeing a dentist regularly ensures that every patient keeps a confident smile on their face no matter what.

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming popular day by day. It is beyond every doubt that everyone wants to experience a perfect smile. There are a lot of people who miss this look, either because of stained or discoloured teeth or some other reason. Due to the advancements stated in today’s world, there are generally many dental techniques, which a lot of people resort to willingly. Let’s examine something more about procedures linked to the dental health together with care.

It is always indicated to learn about a number of differerent techniques of cosmetic dentistry and then opt for the best one for people. Porcelain veneers are placed on the teeth so as to correct crooked areas associated with teeth, nullified teeth, or rectify enamel irregularities.

Dental Implants, Sydney- dental implants are advisable to interchange the natural teeth. The broken or destroyed tooth is replaced by a prosthetic one in this procedure. These kind of implants can also be achieved for the missing teeth. It offers a permanent solution for a tooth loss. It’s considered to take part in an advanced dental makeup technique.


Bonding- it is utilized to hide natural weaknesses in teeth; such as gaps between teeth, jagged teeth and spots or even discoloration. Thus, it is always advisable learn about several different options available before deciding.

Customers of private dental consultants have rapidly increased within the last few years. Private dental insurance takes away the financial worry by paying for the price tag on the dental care company and any treated vital. Some medical insurance policies cover the price tag on dental care, but make sure you read the health policy thoroughly as it is not standard.

The insurance company cover the dental bill now matter the length of the cost is. There are several dental care plans available but you must examine thoroughly what the insurance coverage covers, this includes reading all small print. The main 2 private dental insurance are managed care dentistry policy and indemnity dental policy.

The indemnity plan allows you to choose which dentist you would like from the network of the private dentists as designated with the insurance company. While using the indemnity plan you don’t need to to pay any deductibles. There are several options when choosing an indemnity plan including – Dental Preferred Provider Organisation, Dental Point of Service Plans and Oral health Maintenance Organisation.

The other option any time choosing private dental insurance may be the traditional plan. Like that indemnity plan, patients to the traditional plan are also given the means to choose their own dentist in the list of those affiliated to the insurance company. All costs for routine examinations, dental cleanings and many other dental procedures are paid on the fee for service basis and tend to be covered under the traditional plan. Unlike the indemnity plan, the standard plan only covers 80% of the costs and patients will have to pay for treatments and services including root canals and fillings. When such treatment is required the policy holder will have to pay a deductible to cover the costs.

Many employers offer employees a benefits package which include dental health coverage. It’s really beneficial as it provides private dental care at a cost-effective rate for employees. The cover includes personal dental insurance for the employees and also the employee’s families.

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Dental health servicesAuthor: Sk Juwel

By Walter Ballenberger

Mayo Clinic researchers have made great strides in recent years regarding sinusitis treatment and have come up with a new therapy for chronic sufferers called topical antifungal therapy. This particular sinusitis treatment is still new and is not widely practiced. This author, a sinusitis sufferer of long standing with two painful operations under his belt, has been in contact with one of the Mayo Clinic research physicians. I was pointed to several papers and articles describing the research completed thus far, the theory behind the research, and the resulting therapy.

In simple and general terms, the Mayo Clinic research showed that some people (i.e., chronic sinusitis sufferers), have a harmful immune reaction to fungi that others do not experience. The research demonstrated that fungi are present in the air and show up in the nasal mucus of just about everyone. In the noses of chronic sinus sufferers, it showed that certain types of white blood cells will attack the fungi that are present. In doing so these cells create a compound that damages nasal membranes. Once damaged, bacteria can easily enter and cause pain, inflammation and infection. Conventional sinusitis treatment often includes antibiotics to attack the bacteria. This new sinusitis treatment aims to attack the fungi instead, thus avoiding the nasal membrane damage in the first place. One drawback is that it is not easy to determine if a patient is someone whose white blood cells attack fungi in the nose or not. It is also not known why this white blood cell reaction occurs in some people and not in others.


Antifungals such as Amphotericin B and Itraconazole are used in this sinusitis treatment regimen. These have already been approved by the FDA for other uses, and they can be mixed by a compounding pharmacy such as Anazao to make the topical solution needed for this new therapy. Amphotericin B, for example, was only available in my local pharmacy as an injection medication. The pharmacist was not aware that it is sometimes reformulated as a topical spray for sinusitis treatment. Patients spray the antifungal into their nostrils daily. About 75% of the chronic sinus sufferers in one of the Mayo Clinic studies saw significant improvement in their conditions following this regimen.

I also contacted Accentia, the biopharmaceutical company who has obtained a license from the Mayo Foundation to produce and market medications based on the Mayo Clinic research. They informed me that they plan to market a product based on Amphotericin B, which will have the brand name SinuNase. They will start clinical trials soon, and I submitted my name as a possible participant. Apparently I would be a good candidate since Ive had sinus surgeries that didnt cure my problems.

Topical antifungal therapy is a new form of sinusitis treatment. It takes time for a new approach to become accepted in the medical community at large. I asked the Mayo research physician if he knew of a colleague in the Denver area, where I reside, who was utilizing this approach. He responded that he didnt know anyone there, but gave me two names of physicians in Texas, which I also asked about. So it is obvious that this approach to sinusitis treatment is not yet mainstream therapy, but it does have momentum. For people who have received sinusitis treatment which has not improved their suffering, more details regarding this and other sinus related subjects can be found at the web site in the resource box for this article.

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By Mary Westbrook

Baby showers are always great occasions to attend, and everyone loves celebrating the birth of a new baby boy. It’s also customary for every guest invited to a baby shower to bring a gift for the new baby or his parents, and it can be pretty tricky to find the best possible gift to give. There’s always the nagging question whether or not your gift would be appreciated, and there’s also the worry of walking into the baby shower carrying the same gift as another guest.

It’s easy to come up with a totally original gift for the little guy. Instead of looking for a single gift item, look for several and prepare a nice gift basket. Gift baskets contain several closely-related gift items bundled into a nice basket, which can be decorated with ribbons, gift wrappings, banners, etc. There are countless possible designs for a gift basket – all you have to do is decide what you want yours to look like.

Of course, baby boy gift baskets should look different from baskets for baby girls. It would be downright wrong to theme a basket for a baby boy with a pink color, and it’s a sure way to sour the mood at any baby shower. Here are a few helpful tips to help you prepare a suitable gift basket that the parents – and all the other guests – would love you for.

Tip #1 – Try to use a masculine or neutral color. Blue is the most popular color for baby shower gifts for baby boys, but green, brown, white, and purple are acceptable colors too. Avoid pink and yellow, since they’re mostly ‘girl’ colors. Keep colors in mind whenever you shop for items like towels, sleepwear, bibs, and bottles – in other words, items that the little guy will be using for a long time after receiving them.


Tip #2 – Try using alternative containers for the gift items. While wicker baskets are the most common and acceptable kinds of containers (owing to their usefulness after the party), you can also try hampers, baby bathtubs, and wagons. Wagons make great toys when the little guy gets bigger, and you can even design your gift basket as a welcome wagon. If you’re walking into the baby shower with a very young companion, you can let him/her pull the wagon into the party – it should make an interesting entrance!

Tip #3 – Don’t use too much decoration on the gift basket. Using too many ribbons, gift wrapping, and other ornamentation may make the basket look a tad bit feminine, so keep it to a minimum. Baby boy gift baskets are much better presented with banners, flags, and slogans than with ribbons and buntings. Take the opportunity to decorate the gift basket with a message for the little guy – for instance, if you’re planning to prepare a basket filled with star-shaped cookies, you could include the sign: ‘A Star Is Born!’

Tip #4 – Stuffed toys are actually fine. Some might argue that stuffed animals are for baby girls only, but they make for good cribside company for the little guy. Certain animals, such as ‘jungle’ animals like lions, giraffes, and hippos, are very suitable for a baby boy’s crib. But it might be a good idea to fill the gift basket with stuffed sports items, such as small basketballs and footballs, instead. To make it more fun, give your gift basket a theme that matches the parents’ sports preferences.

Tip #5 – When giving ‘baby’ items like shampoos, talcum powder, and baby lotion, try to be a little extra thoughtful and fill your basket with ‘travel-sized’ bottles. This would be a gesture to the new parents to go out and take the little guy out every now and then. Any parent would appreciate the idea that they don’t have to be cooped up in the house.

Tip #6 – If you want to make things a little extra special for the new mom and dad too, don’t be shy about throwing in a bottle of wine or some good apple cider (if the mother is nursing). Taking care of a new baby boy is hard work, and the new parents would appreciate a little something to enjoy at the end of the day.

Remember, though, that many baby showers take place a little before the baby boy is born. In such baby showers, it’s also a good idea to include some gift items for the mother in your gift basket. Naturally the mother is going to be sitting still for most of the time, she’ll appreciate a good book or two. If you can find books that will help make the waiting a little more bearable, then you’ll definitely be doing her a favor.

Most baby showers have themes to them, so an invitation should clue you in on what the party’s going to be like. You can make things a little more fun by preparing your gift basket in the same theme as the baby shower, too.

Preparing a gift basket for a new baby boy can be fun, and it’s pretty easy to come up with a pretty one. But if you think you don’t have that creative streak in you, you can go ahead and buy a baby boy gift basket off the shelf. Many gift basket shops have some pre-made baskets specifically made for a new baby boy or his expectant parents. For a little extra cash, these gift basket shops can even prepare, customize, and personalize the gift basket to make it more memorable.

It’s also a shame when you realize the baby shower is scheduled on a date and time when you’re unavailable. Besides missing a great party, the parents of the little guy will definitely miss you. But that’s okay – you can still have a nice basket prepared by a basket shop, and then ask them to deliver it to the new parents’ doorstep. It would be best if they can deliver the basket during the baby shower itself – it’ll be a very welcome surprise.

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byAlma Abell

Your teeth are naturally very strong when they are healthy and rarely experience damages. If your tooth structure has been compromised by a cavity, it can become prone to damage. When this type of situation occurs with a tooth, many dentists will recommend their patients have a crown put into place. Not only can crowns cover the damage in your tooth and make it more stable, but they can also cover a tooth that has become stained or is malformed. Through the General Dentists Canyon, Texas, your tooth can be completely covered, with a crown that looks and behaves like a natural tooth.


How are Crowns Placed on the Teeth?

When a person goes in to have a crown put on their teeth, they are first given anesthesia. Typically, a person will only need a local anesthetic, to kill the pain in the tooth being worked on. Once you are numb, the dentist will begin to shape your tooth. The shaping process rounds the corners of the tooth and makes it smaller in diameter. This is important because your tooth needs to snugly fit inside the crown.

Once the General Dentists Canyon, Texas feels your tooth is shaped correctly, he or she will try the crown on your tooth, to make sure it provides a perfect fit. If any further trimming needs to be done, the dentist will continue to shape, until the tooth fits in well with the crown. Once the crown fits perfectly and is secure, the dentist will coat your tooth with a special dental cement. The cement will make the crown adhere permanently to your tooth, causing a tight seal.

Dental crowns are very strong and can last for years. You will need to undergo routine maintenance from time to time, to ensure your crown remains in place. With proper care, you can keep your crown in good shape, so you do not experience any damage to the tooth structure or the crown.

Panhandle Dental can treat you for a variety of dental issues and will work to make sure your teeth stay as healthy as possible. For more information about crowns or any other type of dental treatment, contact them or visit them online.

By Barbara Holbrook

Halloween has come and gone, so you know what that means: we have entered the surprisingly swift slide towards the long holiday season. Before you know it, you’ll be seeing turkeys and then Santas pop up everywhere. Instead of waiting until the last minute – again – to do your holiday gift shopping, start now, while you still have time to think up something creative.

Why not start your brainstorming with your boss? After all, he or she is one of the reasons you still have a job this holiday season, while so many less fortunate people out there will be spending their holiday sending out resumes and asking Santa for a new position. Take a look at these four great gift ideas for your boss.

Gifts From the Whole Gang

One thing you can do for your boss that he or she will be sure to appreciate is to get the rest of your workplace in on the fun. You can chip in together to offer your boss something particularly nice, such as an airplane ticket to your boss’s favorite holiday destination, or even a cruise. If your boss is a sports fan, get him or her a couple tickets of premiere seats for the big game. Of course, this only works if you have a big enough office to afford such a gift.


For something less expensive that everyone can be involved in, offer your boss a framed poster with all of the team’s signatures around it.

Gag Gifts for Your Boss

Gag gifts are great fun – if your boss has a good sense of humor, and your relationship is such that you know your boss will enjoy a humorous or even raunchy gift.

Two words of caution about gag gifts, however. First, if you’re not sure if your boss would find it funny – if you find yourself hesitating even a little bit, wondering if this is really such a good idea – don’t do it. The last thing you want to do is offer something that you hoped would earn a laugh, and instead it earns a scowl. Second, if you’re going to offer a gag gift to your boss, make sure it’s something unique and personal, such as an item that is reminiscent of an office inside joke. What you don’t want is something generically funny that will end up in the wastebasket by January 15.

Boss-Approved Of-the-month Clubs

‘Of-the-month’ clubs are excellent gifts that keep on giving. From more traditional book-of-the-month clubs to more unique subscriptions, such as wine-of-the-month or pie-of-the-month clubs, the chances are you can find an of-the-month club that fits your boss’s hobbies and lifestyle.

Does your boss dote on his or her dogs? Consider a dog-treat-of-the-month club, where your boss will receive custom-baked dog treats for Rover and Fido every month. Does your boss like gardening? A garden-of-the-month club will provide your boss with gardening tools and bulbs each month.

Gifts to Help Your Boss Relax

Your boss probably needs a chance to relax and unwind as much as anyone else in the office. A great gift is a visit to a spa or massage studio, where your boss will be given a chance to deeply relax and let go of stress. From private massage therapists who will come right to the office to visit your boss in the middle of a busy day, to upscale day spas where your boss can spend a day or a whole weekend, spas and massages make great, unique gifts for your boss.

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