Refrigeration Choices To Suit Your Home Bar

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A home bar is an area within the home that will prove to be the focal point of any socializing. This is due to the fact that it is a gathering place for people to have an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic drink. Subsequently people will congregate at this focal point and will naturally engage in conversation, the telling of jokes and the sharing of life experiences and stories.

Consequently, when people enjoy their beverage at this oasis they generally like it to be cool and refreshing. Therefore, it is important, when thinking about investing in a home bar, to consider what type of refrigeration will be utilized. This refrigeration could be provided by a basic refrigerator, use of a wine refrigerator cooler or ice cubes.

First of all, the basic refrigeration to maintain the coolness of the drinks or bottled beverages would be through the use of ice. This ice can be taken from the freezer space located within a refrigerator in the kitchen and stored in a separate thermos area in the bar area. Therefore, if an individual uses ice cubes for their beverage, then the bartender could simply draw ice cubes from the ice chest to cool down the drink.


Another way to ensure that guests have iced drinks is to install an icemaker in the bar itself. This is not as difficult a task as it seems. There are small and portable icemakers on the market that can be purchased and placed under the home bar counter. Happily, such icemakers do not require a drainage system, so plumbing is a non-issue.

Another way to keep drinks cold, particularly beers and soft drinks would be to have a portable refrigerator either in the bar or near it. These small electrical units can be easily found for purchase and fit nicely in most home bars.

You also might think about a wine refrigerator. This particular appliance exists to keep wine at the proper temperature for the enjoyment of the wine drinkers among your guests.

Specifically, the wine can be placed in the refrigerator on its side as the shelves are designed to accommodate wine bottles. There are different sizes of wire refrigerators that can be purchased and the size decided upon is dependent upon the number of bottles of wine that you would like to have chilled at any given time. The beauty of a wine refrigerator is that it is specifically designed to maintain the optimum temperature as recommended for wine cooling.

If you have an outdoor home bar, a cooler will do the job of keeping drinks cold very nicely. This cooler could be in the form of a large ice chest which could hold ice cubes or a smaller stainless steel cooler to chill a bottle of wine or a couple bottles of beer. A stainless steel cooler in the shape of a bucket would add a touch of style to any outdoor party. Generally, ice can be easily purchased for little money from convenience or grocery stores and come in 10 and 20 pound bags.

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