6 Bathroom Remodeling Tips}

6 Bathroom Remodeling Tips


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Bathroom remodeling is a big project to take on with a lot of aspects to consider. Here are a few tips to help with the process:

1. Make Storage Space

It is usually best to make in-shower storage space for shampoos, soaps, and so on, so that people dont have to carry these items in and out of the shower every day. Shower storage often takes the form of a shelf, but its also possible to get in-the-wall shelving for a sleeker look.

2. Maximize Existing Space

Bathrooms are often built at awkward angles, and theyre often smaller than one would like. Because of this, it is often better to look into customized cabinets than to buy premade ones. It may cost a little more, but not much, and the convenience is well worth it. For those who go this route, local independent suppliers are often the best source for cabinet tops of wood, stone, or other materials.

Another way of maximizing space is to get a curved shower rod, which adds more shower space than one would expect. A curved rod just gives it a larger, fuller feel.

3. Choose a Floor

A bathroom floor handles so much water and daily traffic that it needs to be pretty durable. Porcelain and glazed tiles are usually the easiest to care for. Anything porous, like limestone, will stain over time as it gets wet, though it is possible to slow this process by sealing the floor.

When considering finishes, a textured or matted surface or one with that has a sand mixture in the glaze will prevent some slipping, which is especially important in houses with children or the elderly. Another way to add traction is to get smaller tiles, which means that there will be more grout lines.

4. Give the Bathroom Accents

Many people find it most relaxing to have a simple bathroom with a few accents. The shower is a nice space for some accent tiles, and it doesnt take many to create that special look. Some people prefer their accents on their cabinets. Still others prefer to have a small piece of actual art in the bathroom or even a floating shelf with a few knick knacks, statues, or candles. Another way of giving a bathroom an accent is to take find standard bathroom items (like mirrors) with interesting or unique shapes.

Similarly, some people like to splurge on 1 or 2 areas of the bathroom and get something really nice. Toilets and fixtures are popular areas for this, since its important that they work right and no one wants the hassle of replacing them later on. Its much easier to swap out art or repaint walls.

5. Consider Lighting

It may be time to update the bathroom lighting, and the remodel is a good time to do it, since it could involve new cables. When selecting bathroom lighting, it is important to keep all lighting layers in mind. Bright task lighting, soft ambient lighting, and focused vanity lighting are all of equal importance. The more lighting the better in a bathroom, but dimmers are very helpful so that the user can choose the right amount of light at any given time for any specific activity.

Lighting is one of the areas where it is especially important to call in professional advice when doing bath remodeling in Denver, though one may call in the pros at any stage. Since both water and electricity are in play, safety is a vital issue. Bulbs must be rated safe for damp or wet locations, depending on where they are placed.

6. Be Prepared

It is important to have everything ready before beginning your bath remodeling in Denver. A lot of bathroom pieces, especially the custom-order ones, will take a while to trickle in, so its best to wait for them. Otherwise, everyone will be stuck using half a bathroom while waiting for parts to arrive to finish the other half of the project.

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6 Bathroom Remodeling Tips}