A Daring Challenge The Diet Solution Program

By Frank Rogers

A very daring challenge, and a solution. This is the Diet Solution Program. Why would we suggest yet another diet solution. With so many diets available today it is not surprising that most are totally confused by how to burn fat, lose weight, and have the slimmed-down body size that is only dreamed of. Obesity in now an insidious epidemic that is rapidly creeping throughout the western world and beyond. Diets of every description are tried by the hundreds of thousand but few find the permanent solution to the issue of their weight. The cycle for many is a treadmill. Try a diet and lose weight. Finish the diet and before you know it the weight has returned. So try another diet and the same pattern is repeated over and over again. While the cycle of these diets does not provide a permanent solution what is also of great concern is the damage many are doing to both their bodily and mental health. This Yo-Yo lifestyle neither solves the weight problem but it does lead to despair and discouragement.

Why we are confused?

Walk down the isles of any supermarket or drug store and survey the vast number of diets on offer. You are looking at a billion dollar diet food industry. Do they work? For the most part the answer is ‘Yes’. Follow the diet and you will generally lose weight. Obviously some are more effective than others. Some will suit your body chemistry better than others. The science is simple. Burn more calories in a day than you consume and you will lose weight. (In making this assessment we are assuming that there are no other health factors or issues present). So why are we confused? Simply because there are many others problems that are not being addressed that are addressed in the Diet Solution Program.

Calories alone are not the answer



In reducing our calorie intake, as these diets mainly focus on, we need to look at total nutrition. If we do not maintain good nutrition we threaten our health. You cannot stay on these diets long-term without seriously affecting your health.

Our bodies have built-in defences to protect us. Reduce calories and the body can easily think that we are entering a period of starvation and simply do the opposite of what we are aiming for – it will preserve our stores of fat and we stop losing weight.

Living on diet bars, shakes, and pills is also plain boring. Most of us cannot accept the discipline short-term yet alone long-term. We were meant to live on good food that we can enjoy which we can do and still lose weight. Eating is and should be a social event. Diet bars and pills and shakes just don’t fit.

None of these diets address the real problem. The problem is our lifestyle and none of the diet packages even begin to address the major issue that is the cause of our current obesity epidemic.

The Challenge – a New Lifestyle is the Only Solution

The challenge – we have become so addicted to packaged foods as sold in our supermarkets that most of us have forgotten what simple natural foods taste like. Our fast food outlets have also assisted this move away from natural simple foods. What we do not realise is what all this prepared food is doing to our bodies. The absolute dependence of our mass food manufacturers on food preservatives, flavour enhancers, food colorings, salt, sugar, and a host of only numbered food additives is destroying the natural balance of our bodily chemistry including liver function to the point where we can only store fat.

The Challenge of the Diet Solution Program

This challenge is a challenge to adopt a new lifestyle. It is the only solution. Until we address this issue all our fad diets will achieve nothing in the long-term. This program while it involves change, which we all hate, provides a lifestyle in which we can enjoy eating again. Gone are the boring days of living on pills, shakes and bars. Come back to the days of eating enjoyable meals that do not involve counting calories. Find a lifestyle that brings back your vigor and vitality. The Diet Solution Program is a complete package that will fully explain the issues that every one of us needs to understand if we are to avoid the pitfalls found in our modern food market.

About the Author: Frank Rogers writes on diet, weight loss and lifestyle. He prefers to see the positive aspects and rewards of leftstyle change and is not afraid to embrace new and radical ideas if they if they produce positive results. Two very different programs challenge much of contemporary thinking and he feels they are worth a closer evaluation. To learn more of these positive lifestyle changes visit




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