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By Kazama Amazak

People are very concerned about their appearance and realize that it is best to maintain a healthy weight. However, with all the fast food and quick microwave food available these days, it is sometimes a struggle to eat right and maintain the right weight. There are a plethora of diet plans out there, all guaranteeing they’ll get off those extra pounds. However, everyone’s bodies are different, with varying metabolisms and varying degrees of fitness. Here are a few of the popular diet plans and a quick summary of the plan highlights.

The Atkins Diet

The basic idea behind the Atkins diet is to eliminate and slowly reintegrate carbohydrates into your meals. The first phase is two weeks long and you must eliminate almost all carbohydrates from your diet no breads, no pasta, no rice! The second phase of the plan involves slowly reintroducing high-fiber carbohydrates a little at a time until you reach the optimum amount of carbohydrates required to reach your ideal body weight. The third and fourth phases involve maintaining your healthy body weight.

The Pritikin Diet


The Pritikin diet plan involves eating an extremely low amount of fats and a high amount of carbohydrates. Low-calorie carbohydrates are promoted along with fruits, vegetables and low-calorie proteins. This diet has been around since the late 1970’s and since it is still viewed as a viable diet plan, it must still be producing results!

The South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet is similar to the Atkins diet in that it has phases, the first of which is a severe restriction of carbohydrates. But more foods are allowed in the South Beach diet plan than are allowed in the Atkins diet plan. The second and third phases of the South Beach diet are similar to the second, third and fourth phases of the Atkins plan.

The Jenny Craig Program

The Jenny Craig program involves eating their pre-packaged frozen meals and learning how to moderate your eating habits as well as introducing exercise into the weight loss plan. Their counselors are available around the clock via telephone plus there are online groups for discussion on any problems or questions you may have. No foods are off-limits; you simply eat smaller portions of what you like. As you lower your food intake and then integrate exercise into the program, the extra pounds will come off.

The Macrobiotic Diet

The Macrobiotic diet emphasizes eating unprocessed foods and complex carbohydrates. The proteins in your diet come from sources other than meat. This is considered more a way of life than simply a diet plan. By eating the right foods, the weight will come off naturally.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet follows the typical diet of the residents of the Mediterranean areas of Europe. Most of the proteins do not come from meat as meat consumption is restricted. Consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grain carbohydrates and olive oil provide all the essential proteins, carbohydrates and fats to keep you healthy. Exercise is important part of this plan and should be engaged in on a daily basis. This is also more of a way of life than a diet plan.

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Diet plans


Diet plans



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