Penis Injury Quiz Match The Cringe Worthy Act To The Pain}

Penis Injury Quiz – Match the Cringe-worthy Act to the Pain


John Dugan

It’s hard to gather statistics on penis injuries. Men with sore peckers often neglect to make a doctor’s appointment because they’re just too embarrassed, but chances are, every guy out there has dealt with a painful penis at least once. And it’s likely that the problem came about due to something really common (and maybe something a little stupid).

This quiz contains a few common causes of penis soreness, along with symptoms that should prompt immediate penis care. Matching the injury to the incident could help men learn how to keep their own member just a little safer in the future.

The Symptoms

1.Tiny bits of skin trapped between two pieces of metal.

2.A popping sound, along with a big bruise and a whole lot of pain.

3.Skin looks scorched and boiled, and it’s intensely painful.


4.The tip of the penis is cracked and dry, and the whole unit looks red.

5.Sudden bleeding with pain.

The Actions

A. Hitting a bone during sex. An erect penis is flooded with blood, and in this state, the tissues are firm and inflexible. If a guy hits a partner’s bone during sex, that stiffened tissue can rupture, leading to severe pain. This type of injury is considered a medical emergency, as men often need surgery to fix the damage.

B. Getting dressed without underwear. Going commando means putting skin at risk of direct contact with a zipper, and sometimes, loose skin can get trapped and embedded. Typically, it’s best to go to the emergency room with these injuries, rather than wrestling with the clothing at home. Men with zipper trauma may need assistance removing the trapped flesh safely, as well as attention to caring for the torn skin.

C. Torn frenulum. This narrow band of skin connects the foreskin to the rest of the penis. In men who have been cut, only a tiny bit of it remains. Men who haven’t been cut can have much more difficulty with this tissue. During sex, the friction can become so strong that this little bit of tissue is stretched to the breaking point, and when it is, it can cause a significant amount of bleeding. Some men can heal alone at home, with no help from a doctor. But some men will need a little medical assistance in order to recover from this injury.

D. Excessive masturbation. Whanging away at the penis for hours on end can leave the skin feeling chafed and sore. Even when a guy uses a lube, the skin might cry out for relief when he’s been abusing the tool for too long. This sort of problem often goes away with rest and a little TLC, but men who have done a lot of damage might need to see a doctor, just to make sure they haven’t done long-term damage.

E. Using toothpaste, muscle crme or another unusual substance as masturbation lube. These substances can seem fun and exciting, but penile skin is sensitive, and it’s apt to react when it’s exposed to warming agents like menthol or capsaicin. Injuries like this tend to heal without a lot of attention or medical support, so men can often get by without seeing a doctor, but, they should call for advice if the pain is overwhelming.

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The Lessons

The penis might be a whole lot of fun to play with, but this tool is also very sensitive, and it’s remarkably easy to injure. That’s why it pays to be careful with the penis, even if being careful means that the pleasure quotient is a little less intense.

Using a penis health crme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) could be a perfect addition to a careful lifestyle. Quality products contain the elements the tissues need to knit back together after an injury, and an emollient formula can keep skin soft and smooth, so it can resist abuse just a little easier.


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Penis Injury Quiz – Match the Cringe-worthy Act to the Pain}