Solve Your Financial Problems With Tax Deferred Retirement Annuities

Solve Your Financial Problems With Tax Deferred Retirement Annuities


Simon Cronje

The post-retirement phase of old aged individuals is full of difficulties. They are not only mentally insecure, but also feel the insecurity in financial terms. Many institutions have made available certain schemes so that the senior citizens could lead a comfortable life when they retire. Retirement annuities are the plans that have been introduced to serve this purpose. These are the schemes which have been designed to ensure a fret free life to the people when they get old. Several forms of annuity programs have come into focus in recent times, among which tax deferred annuity schemes are preferred hugely by major number of old public.

Retirement annuities are contracts between an individual and an insurance company. During his service period, the individual contributes a particular percentage of his income to his retirement annuity fund. This fund, after his retirement acts as an efficient source of income for him. It can, simply, be considered as his savings since his working period, in order to make his life comfortable and financially stable during the advanced stage. With the popularity of these programs, there are several schemes that have been introduced for the retirees. In order to avail the benefits, however, an annuitant can choose a program that is best suitable for his needs. According to his requirements, he might opt for releasing retirement annuities for a specific period of time or even for his lifetime.

Tax deferred annuity enables people to receive scheduled payments for post-retirement phase as soon as they enroll for these schemes offered by the insurance companies. The uniqueness of this program is that it provides an individual a chance to postpone paying their taxes on the interest that they earn from their annuity amount. As a result of this, the retirees get an opportunity to increase the savings that they have made in the retirement fund, which in turn increments their earning after retirement. In spite of being a bit costly, tax deferred annuity deals are preferred by the annuitants because of the tax deferment option that it offers.


Until and unless the annuitants withdraw the amount from their retirement fund, they are not likely to pay any kind of taxes, in case of the tax deferred annuity. Unlike traditional savings or investment amount, this scheme will help the old aged citizens save more money for collecting an hefty sum after they get retired, which in turn removes all the financial worries at the advanced stage of their life. As soon as the interest starts being earned, it will continue to supplement the amount. Retirement annuities, however, are classified into two categories, fixed annuity and variable annuity. In the former classification, the principal amount of the individual is guaranteed and fixed, whereas in case of the latter, it keeps on changing based on certain factors.

While choosing a scheme from available list of

retirement annuities

, you must check the annuity rates offered by different companies. The companies with higher premium rates should be selected so that the interest given on the sum is more. In case of

tax deferred annuity

, however, as soon as an individual turns 59 and a half, he is eligible to receive the payments from the annuity, beginning his phase of paying taxes.

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