The 9 Best Modular Home Builders On The Market Today

Modular home builders are pretty different from downright prefabricated home builders. Although used interchangeably, there’s a distinct difference between them. Prefabricated (or prefab) buildings are composed of components or structures manufactured somewhere else (usually a factory). These components may either be entirely or halfway finished. They are then installed or coupled at the building site.

Modules (also called volumetric or 3D), on the other hand, are prefabricated components that enclose spaces, unlike downright prefabricated homes. Like prefabs, they are made in a factory and installed at the building site.

Prefabricated buildings are famous for having quite dull and uninspired designs. However, several modular home builders have put in the effort to make these homes more attractive without a remarkable change in price. We will reveal some of them and why they are the best builders around today in this article.

Here are nine awesome modular designers on the market

Method homes

Method homes have a variety of about eight different sets of designs that range from the vintage cottage style to the urban or modern styles. Their homes are a starting price of $95000. You get to have a say in the kind of designs you want as you get to work hands-on with the architectural and engineering team. This means that you’ll be invited to work with architects to bring designs to life.

House port

House port is known for sprawling and galvanized metal roofing to protect the home from environmental factors. Each of the components of the home is constructed using cubes to create a layout of the rooms. Their homes have a starting price of $65000


These homes are inspired by traditional or old cabins but have a modern feel to them. Setting up this building is fast, easy, and can take about 3-5days. The starting price is usually $82000

Ma Modular

These homes offer various modern floor plans depending on their square feet, and it takes about 180 days or less to drop off the prefab components and install them.

Little House on the Trailer

With a starting price of about $34,000, these designers offer beautiful base models easily assembled for a fair price.


The weeHouse has beautiful architectural designs and makes prefabricated designs based on your budget. These components can be arranged and installed in different manners. It has a starting price of $80,000

Blu Homes

Blu Homes have about seven different excellent architectural designs. They basically make the idea of prefabs more interesting. They have a starting price of $145,000.


With a starting price of $139,000, these designers are unique as their work is eco-friendly. They offer three lines of homes and have a team of highly qualified architects and engineers.

Rocio Romero LV Series

With minimalism as the objective and a starting price of $6,000, they basically bring the outside inside. The natural feel of your home will definitely make it your favorite place to be.


Choosing the perfect designer to make your prefabricated building can be stressful as there are a lot of designers in the market today, such that you can not easily tell who is genuine and who is a fraud. You can not also tell the designer who will understand your choices and desires as you want them. Not to worry, though. The tips that have been discussed in this document will help to make the job easier for you.

When you eventually find one, make sure they are budget-friendly and are qualified enough to bring beautiful designs to life, especially according to our discussions in this piece.