The Emotional Life Of Adolescent Abuse A Daughter S Poetry

Submitted by: Roni Weisberg-Ross L.M.F.T.

The following words and poetry were written by Kallel Hunter. She has graciously allowed me to share them with you.

My name is Kallel and I am 13 years old. I live in the U.K. and have Irish, Jamaican and Barbadian in me. I also have two sisters and 3 brothers. I am the eldest. We don t live together anymore. Two are living with my mum in Birmingham; one is living with her mum (my granny) in Leicester and two are living with me and my dad and my step mom.

Living with my mom was like keeping a secret and living two lives. She drank and made us lie to everyone. She called us unpleasant names and moved us around all the time. She used me as a slave, used emotional blackmail and made us risk our education all for a fool she followed around. Living with my mum was draining me and finally, I had to leave. Many people didn t know and still don t know the real reason I left. I m not doing it out of spite, I just want to better myself and not feel so negative anymore.

The things that inspired me to start writing poetry were mainly my emotions and to try and understand things around me mainly my mum. Poetry to me is like a friend to talk to, but with my emotions which is a good thing and I enjoy doing it. Sometimes it s not good things that inspire people. But what I find is that whatever inspires a person, they have the power to change it in to something positive.


People are always talking

But they don t listen to what they say,

Too scared to face up to people

So their spiteful tongue just rolls away

Words will never hurt you

That s what you all expect

Then after it s like bruises and scars

A pain you ll never mentally forget

It stays in your head

But repeats in your mind

Twists your personality

As you blame yourself all the time

The words are like an emotional vampire

That brings you to defense

But too late!


It has already drank most of

Your happiness and made you feel useless

And stressed

We have got a whole dictionary

Of right words to use

So why do we sometimes choose


Next time you speak to somebody

Think before you use your powerful tongue!


It was you!

That destroyed me!

Made me disheveled

Left me on the ground

It was you!

That weakened me

And had a firm grip

To drag me down

All these years I was blinded

Thought you were always there

To love me, to hold me

But selfishly didn t care

You! Compulsive liar

A tongue that slithers in your moth

Every lie is an excuse why

You can t unleash me out

Try to make me heartless

While you were in control

As your jealousy and hatred

Sinks sluggishly

Into your precious



When you are walking on the road

Don t feel like you are all alone

Because I ll be with you, every step,

Behind you

Every step you take, and every direction,

I will give you guidance and amour you

With protection

Because I ll be with you every step

Behind you

Trust in me, believe in me, and have faith

As my blanket of love will promise

Not to break away

In the journey of life, distractions

Can make you fall

But my love will still go on

Just know I m here to call

In the journey of life, you figure

Things out for yourself

I ll be guarding you

Whenever you need help

No matter what you say or what you do

I ll be with you

Every step behind you

Roni Weisberg-Ross LMFT


About the Author: West Los Angeles based psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of sexual abuse, emotional abuse, clinical depression and social anxiety.


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