Tips For Finding The Right Animal Care For When You Go Away Without Pets


When you need to go away from home for overnight or longer and bringing pets isn’t an option there are a few options available to help you and each option can have some pros and cons to it.

Leave Your Pet with a Friend

If you have a friend willing to have your pet visit with them for the duration of your trip away, this can put your mind at ease. There are some pros and cons to this arrangement, depending on the scenario. Most people aren’t willing to bring someone else’s pet into their home for an extended period of time and even if they do, the pet could get homesick and this can manifest itself in a variety of ways including depression and digestive issues.

Have Someone Stop by Your Place to Check on Your Pet / Pet Sit

Having a pet sitter, a professional one, or a friend willing to pet sit can be helpful as your pet will be in familiar surroundings. If they aren’t able to house sit as well, though, your pet will likely be alone for long periods of time.

Use Pet Boarding Services

When it comes to animal care, pet boarding services can be a great option designed to provide optimal care and comfort for your pet. If you do opt to go this route you should research your options carefully to find a pet hotel / pet boarding service that appeals to you and that has a great reputation.

Regardless of the option you choose you might be worried about your pet’s anxiety levels (as well as your own) while you are gone. Here are some tips:

* Check in. some pet boarding services will even let you do a web cam check-in, which can make both you and your pet feel better.* If using boarding, consider choosing a pet hotel rather than a kennel that will keep your pet in a crate most of the time. Pet hotels put animal care needs at the top of the list and that list includes food and water and walks as well as companionship.* Do due diligence before you leave so that you can feel good about the choice of where you are leaving your pet.

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