Saturday, February 10, 2018

Yesterday, a court in the Sakhalin region of Russia sentenced former governor Alexander Khoroshavin to thirteen years prison term and a fine of ?500 million (US$8.6 million) on corruption charges. Judge Elena Polikina said Khorodhavin was guilty of “Bribetaking” and “Money laundering”.

Khoroshavin’s case started consideration on the merits on March 6, last year. The 58-year-old, who served as the region’s governor from 2007, was arrested in 2015 for bribery when he allegedly received a sum of US$5.6 million.

Per the ruling, Khoroshavin cannot take up a state post for a period of five years after finishing his jail term.

Along with Khoroshavin, deputy governor Sergei Karepkin was sentenced to eight years and fine of ?4 million (US$69 thousand); and governor’s advisor Andrei Irkamov was sentenced to 9.5 years and fine of ?176 million (US$3 million). Former Food minister Nikolai Borrisov has to pay a fine of ?4.5 million (about US$77 thousand).